Letting Me Go by Alex Faith

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ATLast by Alex Faith

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Letting Me Go
by Alex Faith

Album: ATLast

Verse 1
Unh, young boy from the south side; got a lot of aspirations
Family held me down; had a lot of emancipations
Walked with me in love through all of my sinful fascinations
And affirmed me in my talent whenever they saw a flash of greatness
But I still barely finished high school
Everyone one around looking at me like what am I doing
Unh, and my uncle's out of prison now
I got some homies doing dirt, I'm thinking about getting down
Yeah, my surroundings captured me
My father taught me to love the Lord, but I don't trust the masterpiece
Now the tension grows thicker
Add my insecurity to mix and get a clearer picture
I'm not really supposed to win here
And the odds are piling up now
What's wrong? It's always been fair
And I feel like giving up now

I can never stop God, no
I see you without going blind
Like a child, I rule the world, it's not mine
You not letting me go; you not letting me go
I can never stop time, set this world on fire
Who can heal the blind
Like a child, I rule the world, it's not mine
You not letting me go; you not letting me go

Verse 2
A pastor so bold he came and told me to my face
That I was living a double life and being a disgrace
To the Lord and the church and His word and His spirit
I was grieving him so much at this point that I could feel it
I'm trying to live right in front of folk, but I'm even fake to me
And to make it even worse, I got a lot of folk with faith in me
Unh and I don't even know why; days are dark and grimy
Got me feeling like my hope died; who is Jesus?
And what would this man have me do now?
And I remember my father's example; I said that I want to make you proud
A lot of people boring me, but I'm still going out
Smoke until my eyes roll back and I got that cotton mouth
Living with my homie who's a Christian; he been good to me
But I'm up at Georgia State with a girl and she look good to me
I met Kenny, random; he said “Come and visit my church”
Came and saw the way that loved the Lord
And you know it hurt so much that I made my home ET
We gon' move way down to East Point, and hold each other down
At the time that's what the plan was; repenting from my sin
I'm so convicted by the Lord's grace; never taste God in the marathon
Until the day that I'm going to see his face


Verse 3
Fast-forward five years, your boy's married now
I love the Lord, and I love my wife, and he still shows me how
To serve him well and tell the world around me all he's done for me
The moment when I least deserved it, he gave up his son for me
I burned a lot of bridges being young and dumb; I'm owning that
I'm trying to be a better person even if you know the facts
Living like a king is a struggle every day for me
That new heart that he gave me, you can never take away from me


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