The Great Habanero by Branded

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Little Towns Like Mine by Branded

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The Great Habanero
by Branded

Album: Little Towns Like Mine

(Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Branded Theater of the mind.

For the next few minutes, enjoy a tale of stupidity and gastronomic distress as we present: 'The Great Habanero' Thank you Juan Pardo. This portion of our story is brought to you by Mama Juanita's Mexican Restaurant.

When you want Mexican food, it's pretty good.)
We were outside of Austin The whole band was starvin'
So we stopped in a quaint taqueria (Echo Taqueria)
We quickly sat down And our drinks were brought 'round
By our lovely young waitress, Maria "(Maria)"
We were feeling quite weak so we started to feast on some
Chips and some chili con queso
we were laughing out loud until they brought 'round a bowl of red Habanero


Oh beware of the Great Habanero The Red Demon food from below

You're mouth it will be in despairo And your belly will say, "Que Paso?"

(Speaking: We'll, when they brought the peppers out, we just stared at them like we found a dead body. But, the longer they sat there, the more comfortable we became

with them, so, we continued to enjoy our meal. This portion of our story is brought to you by Pepto Bismol. Pepto Bismo, when you're belly hurts, it's pretty good.

Then a man came round Who was shriveled and brown

I believe that his name was Jose' (Jose')

He was laughing and smiling and telling us jokes Then, quickly his smile went away

He said, "Listen my friends if there's not much to spend

And you can't spare a lot of dinero Your meal will be free if you happen to eat

This bowl of red Habanero


(Speaking: we had heard many stories of the great Habanero. how it makes your eyes water and your mouth hurt. We also heard it made a man in Amarillo go crazy.

And killed a man in Reno just to watch him die. But, these were just legends we

thought. This portion of our story is brought to you by the letter "". It's like the letter "n" with a squiggly thing over it. It you need a letter with a squiggly thing over it, its pretty good.

(Speaking: Well, the next part of our story isn't pretty. We had all had a couple of peppers a piece and we were hurting pretty bad. But the drummer just kept eating and laughing with this crazy grin until the whole bowl was empty. He continued to laugh hysterically until his face froze. It was like his jaw was melted to the side of his face.

We had to use a Swiss Army Knife to pry his cheek off the side of his skull. But you know, if you need to pry someone's cheek off their skull, it's pretty good

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