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Flame by Flame

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Open My Heart
by Flame

Album: Flame

I guess we all hurt sometimes
So I find myself takin' it one day at a time ya' know
Cause' ain't nothin' easy about this life here
I must seek my Source, one day at a time y'all

(Verse One)
Nothing in this world will ever be peaches and cream
That's just in everyday living not mentioning spiritual things
I get sick and tired of hard times, It's hard to renew my mind
Hard to put the past behind when ya' feelin' blind
I grew up seeing the same ol' murdas
Same ol' thugs in the same ol' swervas
Sometimes I was afraid to walk through the 'hood
I know we say it but ain't all good I'm keeping it real
My daddy came home he was robbed
Mom on disability and daddy lost his job
So where that leave me at? I go to school wit dirty shoes and wack ball caps
I'm in the hall catchin' all laughs
I'm tryin' to stay focused 'cause this locust is real
Went to kick it but my homie got killed
I'm under all pressure
The Lord blessed a young ghetto child like Flame
I'm still living through the sufferin' and pain

(Chorus - 3X)
Lord I know that you already love me
And you want me to walk by my faith
But it's hard for me to see you when there's no good around
So I need you to open my heart so I can love you more
(While I'm livin' I'm a give you my all)

(Verse Two)
It kinda makes me laugh cause it's been a long time comin'
Messed up so many times but yet I'm still growin'
See it hurt when my grandmother died
I'm in the hospital room over her bed lookin' her in the eyes
She always said go to church and serve the Lord
And put Him first over everything especially money and cars
She had a major impact on who I am now
Bowin' down worshipin' and sending praises up loud
But yet she's gone and the same bad things are going on
It's hard for lil' Flame to stay strong but yet I hold on
Life is so short we only passing through
Able to catch you a laugh or two
I seen a lady last week gettin' beat down
And thirteen year old girls gettin' freaked down
Now you can tell we in the last days
The world has turned away from God now we livin' in our own ways
Since I have been saved the death angel has passed over
My down was covered by the blood straight from Jehovah
See I'm grateful, for the way of escape from bein' hateful
The dollar doesn't make you, power doesn't make you
I have seen it all nothin' new under the sun
He made a way out so I had to run
I'm tired of poverty, ghetto areas and trife livin'
I'm tryin' to elevate to Christ livin', his righteous life we livin'
Come on

(Chorus - 2X)
Lord I know that you already love me
And you want me to walk by my faith
But it's hard for me to see you when there's no good around
So I need you to open my heart so I can love you more
(While I'm livin' I'm a give you my all)

(Verse Three)
Who else can fill the void straight from all the love that I lost
Except the One who shed all his blood at the cross
I didn't ask to be born into this world at all
But through God's grace I was created to praise God
But it gets really hard, I was born right into sin
I was headed for hell before my life even began
But since I'm here now through Christ I'll make the best of it
I trust God so I'll let him do the rest
How else could I have peace in this life of crime
How else could I have peace when the battle's in my mind
How else could I have peace with a broken heart
I wish it was the end like Noah's ark
It'll be all over, No more pain no more sufferin'
No more games no more thuggin' no more hustlin'
I praise God for eternal life the Mediator
Who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and we call him Jesus Christ!

(While I'm livin' I'm a give you my all) (7X)
I want to love you Jesus, I want to love you love you
I want to know you yeah yeah yeah
Ooh Jesus, I want to know you know you
So will you open my heart so I can love you, More (2X)
Said I wanna be more like you yes
Said I wanna know how you talked and how you walked
Step by step I'll get there
If you just hold my hand, and show me the way (2X)

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