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Flame by Flame

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by Flame

Album: Flame
by Flame

(Verse One)
As I rightly divide, between truth and lies
I can present with proof how He knew these guys
Were goin' to cry on Him, spit on Him and gonna lie on Him
Third day from layin' away was gonna rise on them
Took His righteousness purged my sin
Blood drippin' from the cross as He urges men
Some servin' Him, puttin' position to come and bird with Him
I mean to fly, most definitely want to fly
If I draw nigh to Him He'll draw nigh to me
I see God through Him that d-e-a-t-h settin' me
Straight from all angles, givin' charge to all angels the star spangled
Banner doesn't have anything on Hosanna
Cause the manner, in which He does things for His offspring
As awesome as it seems, it's right and good
Cause I'm flossin' the King tonight in 'hoods

Brothers in the front we don't stunt cause we livin' righteous
Homies on my left ain't no death cause we livin' righteous
Shorties in the back we don't slack cause we livin' righteous
Righteous livin' righteous livin'
Homies on my right we alright cause we livin' righteous
Brothers in the front we don't stunt cause we livin' righteous
Shorties on my left ain't no death cause we livin' righteous
Righteous livin' righteous livin'

(Verse Two)
First I was unclean, it was so dark I was unseen
Now my light beams, runnin' to Christ or it might seem
That I might cling, to the righteousness of the King
Or I might fiend, for the dream of the bigger things
Cause the earth is His, castin' in my cares cause my hurt is His
Writin' my songs and my verse is His
The body of Christ or the church is His
I search the Scriptures of God to see what my purpose is
To give Him glory now I recognize, I testified
Then I blessed the God that rectified
My wickedness when I was petrified, edified
The body of Christ for them kingdom lies
Or kingdom livin' all of us Christians are forgiven for that awful livin'
To the beginners don't assemble yourself with the sinners
All of us and Jesus are winners, now I look right
Cause of the blood now I look white
I'm goin' higher in Christ so now I book flight


(Verse Three)
All of a sudden His righteousness is like a lifestyle
Callin' my brothers come outta strugglin' to Christ now
All of you cluckers put down the drugs and throw the pipe down
Get rid of the sinful livin' and come into life now
Take a look at the bigger picture and see mistakes made
Be a witness for Christians and see Christ has the way made
Way paved, the daybreak bru I stay saved
My wave praise, we set free from them slave days
Fightin' with givin', when you can be ignited and get righteous livin'
And right with God I take a look back into history
I'm seein' the death no longer a mystery
Seein' Him resurrect, my righteousness is that of a filthy rag
My righteousness is that of a filthy rag
My righteousness is that of a filthy rag
I confess I was guilty Dad
But then you cleansed me

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