We Need You by Flame

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Rewind by Flame

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We Need You
by Flame

Album: Rewind

I watch cats go from playin' kickball to carryin' clips and slugs
And girls who played hopscotch to now strippin' in clubs
Man it all started just sippin' some bud man
Until she got tricked and then she tripped with the drug man
See you remember old girl she was so pretty
I guess smokin' that dope makes you look old quickly
Dude was so smart in school now he's gettin' high
He had plans for the league now he's just gettin' by
I guess the older you get
It's like the more you forget
That Jesus Christ that granny molded you with
Yeah that must be the thing before you see the King
Jesus must awaken you from your street dream
Lord my prayer is this
Thank you that prayer exist so you can take us away the worst terrorist
Which is ourselves our sin in which I must admit
There was peace in the garden Lord and now there is this

We need
We need
We need
oh yes we do
We need you
We need you
We need you
Lord everyday

Young dood only thirteen
But he think like he thirty cause the stuff he seen
Aint no food in the house plus the mustards green
And mom nem pound they things man they must be fiends
She was lying that TV aint have no busted screen man
Sometimes I cry sometimes I scream man
It's our sin that we living in dying in
We need Him just to live again we blind men
How real is that God wanna save us from wrath
But don't know equals like equations from maththat equals restoration reconciliation
New heart new start peace and plus some patientsbasically man the fruit of the Spirit
Happy to plant seeds aint gotta see the fruit of my lyrics
Let the seeds see the increase that God has made
I'm just pleased knowing Jesus is the God that saves
And that's why

We need
We need
We need
oh yes we do
We need you
We need you
We need you
Lord everyday

I never seen a tree live dawg out of the ground
That's like man with out God tell me how does it sound
Like a Gomorrah and Sodom men sound
He still owns you even if you out of town man
He's tracking you now like music with sound scan
Especially you doods that be usually down playing Him
And never realizing it's Him that's keeping us breathing
Recognize that we heathens
Recognize that we need Him
Yeah He know we suffer but His son suffered worse
Imagine Him coming to earth and becoming a curse
Well it happed don't waist your time rapping about
Wakness that really deserve a smack in the mouth
Especially taken on flesh is an immaculate rout
Lived perfect died rose said that I'll be back and I'm out
Plus the bible says blessed is the poor in spirit
So he who has an ear let him hear it
I' out fam

We need
We need
We need
oh yes we do
We need you
We need you
We need you
Lord everyday

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