Outta Space Love by Group 1 Crew

Song Lyrics

Outta Space Love
by Group 1 Crew

Album: Outta Space Love - Bigger Love Edition

To every boy and seniorita
Man it's really nice to meet ya
Whether black or philipina
Peep this funky culmadina seen a
Lotta ups and downs and sometimes even in betweenas
But this love it saved the day so let me take you to my leader

I want the love bigger love-I want the outta space love
And if the world isn't big enough- gimme that outta space love

You got your ticket raise your hand
If you really understand
That we can take you by the hand
To a place you never been

We be delivering that hotness for ya something that's out of this world we bring the space ship all a board buckle in keep away from the door you about to witness history in the makin first rap group to make it outer space and we takin people who believe love is worth the mission, mission

Future future ain't really promised today
So I'm a have to speak what he want me to say
Take you on a ride into outerrrspace
Love so good make you wanna stay and
I'm a be your tour guide
Picture like a polaride
You havin a betta life
Shake it till you see it right
Cool like 80's slang is this stuff I'm offeran
Tried enuff to please ya man and ya girl don't understand
If you let go of they hand trust this la love alian
Then I'm a take you to a place that you never been
Hold on tight like ya life depends…on it

If you want I can take you there, follow the leader (x4)

I'm outta space with mine you innerspace wit yours
Let's put them all together so we can become one voice
And let the world see now, just what we talking bout
And take a trip to outerspace and let your faith ring out

If you want to come and join the party
Just come as you is and bring somebody
There's room in the back so don't you worry
But we takin off soon so betta hurry

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