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18 - Single by Kaleb Mitchell

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by Kaleb Mitchell

Album: 18 - Single

Verse 1
10 years in, how you tryna lil' bro me?
I am not the One, but I am the one and only
Sharper than a tack, you slower than molasses
You pose for the 'gram, I'm tryna compose classics
They be in the mall tryna get a girl number
I be in the stu' tryna kill 'em all Summer
We are not the same, I'm a different type of animal
I been up for days, got unprecedented stamina
I don't need the Mary, I'm already elevated
Dressin' like a thug but I'm hella educated
Readin' at a college level in the fifth grade
Coulda went AP, well, um, hey
What you're lookin' at is young David in the flesh
They done messed around and let me get up off the bench
You're thinkin' it's a given that Goliath gon' be winnin'
But I ain't lettin' up, this is full court press

I ain't goin' back now
I done came too far to back down
I ain't goin' back now
I done came too far to back down, yeah

Verse 2
Putting poetry to potent production
I was the one that they said would be nothin'
I was the one that they said would be nothin'
I'ma be great it ain't up for discussion
Pockets is empty, I'm feelin' the hunger
I think it's time that I run up the numbers
This ain't a game, this as real as it gets
If I do it I'ma be the best, ya
I'ma buy my momma a house
I don't care what none of you say
Everything I want I'ma have
I won't let 'em get in the way
I remember when I used to hit you up
And I would never get replies
Got it poppin', now you really friendly with me
Dawg, I see through the disguise

I ain't goin' back now
I done came too far to back down
I ain't goin' back now
I done came too far to back down, yeah

Verse 3
I been overlooked and underestimated for too long
I'm the rapper that your favorite rapper probably stealin' from
Teacher said I would be nothin'
Hmm, I bet I prove her wrong
Don't be mad because your children know the words to every song
Everyboy lookin' thirsty, they do anything for likes
Take a selfie, all a sudden you a model overnight
I don't care about what's trending, I don't feed into the hype
Man, I think it's 'bout that time to bring the BS to the light
Used to hang my head low, now I'm pokin' out my chest
I don't really do this often, please excuse me while I flex
Back in 1998, momma gave birth to a legend
Told 'em that I gotta get it, now I came back for my seconds
I'm tired of sparin' they feelings, it's waste of my energy
They be callin' me fam, but really ain't none of 'em kin to me
I don't trust anybody, man, I don't know your intentions
No, you cannot get a retweet, a like, not even a mention
Get out my face

This the part where I just hit the kill switch
I got hella problems that I'm tryna deal with
If you feel offended, sorry for the realness
Spit it so hard that an amputee can feel this
18, guess it's time to become the man now
You can stay seated homie, I'ma stand out
Live and direct from the 973
This ain't rappin' this committin' homicide over beats
Call 911!
I don't plan on stoppin' no time soon
Everybody claimin' that they got the wave
But what's a wave to a freakin' typhoon?
They say when you independent you end up earning all your pennies the harder way
Somebody tell these jokers that I didn't come this far to go sign it all away

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