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PSA Volume 2 by PRo

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by PRo

Album: PSA Volume 2
by PRo

[Verse 1:]
I saw the homie at the store, he say he came up
Ain't seen him in a couple years, look how he changed up
He got that thang tucked, he throwin' gangs up
Red T and red shoestrings, lil' homie flamed up
He sellin' drugs now, he reppin' Blood now
He run with thugs plus he beefin' with the cause now
Small as a bug, but he sware to God he bloodhound
Thug love, get at anybody throwin' blood down
Got partners hoopin' murder, 48, he still claim
'Cause that can never happen to him, he the real thang
Until that steel bang, and then he feel pain
And get killed for real, thinkin' he Lil Wayne
And then it will change, you won't be the same brother
You'll be in real flames, I don't mean your gang colors
Forget your gang culture, this is my appeal mayne
Call on the Lord while you live, you can still change

You say you represent, down to die for your hood
But take a second guess: if you die, it ain't good
Your sins haven't been confessed, you don't know God like you should
And ain't no second tries when you lyin' in that wood
You a gangsta, gangsta, in need of a change
You say bangin' ain't a thang, but your gang ain't a good look
Gangsta, gangsta, is it worth eternal flames?
This should make you wanna change, nah man it ain't a good look

[Verse 2:]
You got your bandana on and your cap to the left
Feel that fire in your bones when that strap in your belt
Your homies make you feel strong, you will clap till the death
The robbers catch you all alone, you will scrap by yourself
'Cause you a soldier, catch you slippin' low, show them boys you rep Blue
You ain't got no problem provin' you ain't who to step to
Drive by the crib, ain't got no window, let the Czech loose
Rat-cha-cha-cha-cha, whoever put that on your tattoo
(Really) is your mind attack (it's silly) pullin' nines on cats
And kill 'em over nothing but a color, you gon' die for that?
Believin' you gon' skip the judgement throne and go where God is at
Like God is wack and just gon' let you slide, but he's a God that acts
Don't be deceived, yep deception is a mug ain't it?
You say you love your G, but sin got your love tainted
Look happy as your boys pumpin', got the cause bangin'
But when your soul is thirsty, hate can feel like love, can't it?

[Verse 3:]
Ok that's when [?], this don't make no sense to me
That color is your God 'cause that's where you find your identity
It controls your activity, your block is your vicinity
It's just colors you're risking your life for what gives you dignity
Ok listen, let's say for instance you die for this entity
And in your grave, the choirs praise as organs play your symphony
Your partners blow out smoke and blow some drank out in your memory
But what good does that profit you when you and God are enemies?
Now you got a dilemma, you'll face God as a sinner
Place your hour on this planet, guilty without a defender
Once was loud as a blender, now your violence has dwindled
A gang member lost a soul being proud of the sinful
Dang, don't save your soul for it mayne
'Cause your master is the one who gets control of your brain
They'll tag your name in honor since you rolled for the 'caine
But your face on a shirt won't make up for your soul in the flames


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