Higher Love by Sho Baraka

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Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka

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Higher Love
by Sho Baraka

Album: Turn My Life Up

I'm In love, I'm in Love
With a Higher Love, Higher Love

You've been aching for a while here is something to make you smile
We repping him proud as the worlds looking around for a (Higher Love 3x)
I'm in love with the captain of the ship
When the waves get to rockin the boat
We walk on water like he taught us to float
I got the scriptures to quote and when it seems like your boy can't cope
We got a team tight like three strand rope it aint easily broke
The mountain in front may seem un-climbable
But after his work on the cross it would seem irresponsible
If we threw in the towel because of life's small obstacles
Yeah we know a GOD who makes the unlikely possible
His phenomenal love and holiness aint optional
So the world looks at us like were so illogical
Keep our face in the word to be a godly influence
If you really want to know here's the reason why I do this

He vacated heaven to take the form of a man
If you love the LORD then throw up you hands and sing it with me (I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love)
I'm in love with the Lion of Judah
Not myself, Mohammed, Krishna or Buddha
He got a saving word its like a computer
Now I excel cuz my idea of love came in the form of a bottle or the form of a model, or the thugs that I followed
But now I walk in the spirit, I exalt him with lyrics, it's the music of life I pray that you hear it
I got a listeners ear, it aint nothing but worshippers here
We walk the valley of death with nothing to fear
We got the love of GOD aint nothing but love for my squad
Its real community it aint a fake
Actions reflecting his grace, stay humble when we're seeking his face
You may hear this when you step in the place

I've been burned by the world and it showed not sympathy
I would give my all and it stripped my of my dignity
Stripped my of reason, my morals and my temper
Stripped me of everything I was in love with a stripper
But I love my physician he's a true life giver
I was dying but the doctor gave me his liver
In the form of his son with is arms spread wide
Ready to receive any boy, girl lady or guy
No matter their age I find more people try
To find real love in some girl or guy
But love is sacrificial, love is an action
Love aint fleeting love is everlasting
Love our enemy, love our neighbor
Love to imitate Christ cuz hes our savior
It cast out all fear cuz love is our job
Love is eternal, love is our God

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