Revolutionary Died by Sho Baraka

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Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka

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Revolutionary Died
by Sho Baraka

Album: Lions and Liars

I got some tragic news today
Real manhood has died, they say
But you can wipe your tears away
A Revolution is formed another will be born
I got some tragic news today
Real manhood has died, they say
But you can wipe your tears away
A new one is born so bring in the song

I am changed escapin' my old ways
Harriet Tubman on that underground train
Too many men see the grave misinterpreting brave
I could loose those chains if they knew they were slaves
I thought a man was a pimp at a young age
Now I try to honor women when the pen hits the page
Its still hip-hop minus all the thuggin
Take the poet and priest and put it in a husband
Not boasting I'm far from perfect
I'm just saying give the title to some cats who deserve it
I know some men earned it
Some strong role models who knows GOD's purpose
I know one song can't change the world
But maybe dude next door'll stop beatin' his girl
And maybe we can get some brothas out trap
I just wanna change my block we'll see what happens after that

My cuzzo like I can make that dollar pretty quick
Illegal stuff, I tell him he should work for it
He looked me up down and stuck his mouth to the side
Like c'mon you know you done I lost my mind
He wants High Living but was forced in the basement
Lets face it this is what racism has created
I told my dog you'll never catch the car don't chase it
So many kill themselves in world trying to make it
Your appetite will eat you when you get a chance to taste it
Their cups look full, but their lives look Wasted
A fully furnished house but your soul feels vacant
get some new thngs but feel the need to replace it
yeah, this is man's ordeal
Decorate his frame to make himself feel real
Or rob, steal, kill
Any emotion is good as long as I feel
No sir that's aint what manhood is
Life without morals and fruitless end
I took him under my wing now the journey begin
Hopefully another man can be born again

This cat asking me how many shawties I tap
I know you get a lot of play even in gospel rap
I wasn't too shocked if my discernments was right
He type that hasn't seen a brother honor his wife
So instead of calling him stupid and causing a fight
Just explained to this brother things I value in life
He confused cuz he said you don't look like the type
That really lives all the stuff that you say on the mic
He's doubting my words like he needs some proof
Plus he struggles with the idea of absolute truth
He won't practice those things which he don't esteem
If he hates absolute truth then he's the Supreme being
Then he has no standards, then he has no answers
So his contributions in life is just prostate cancer
I try to answer every question that he throws my way
Hopefully another real man will be born today

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