Mayhem's Life by Skrip

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The Underscore II by Skrip

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Mayhem's Life
by Skrip

Album: The Underscore II

Pardon me my artistry everything you hearing audibly you outta be
With positive there's a negative clogging your arteries
And my job is I gotta stay droppin' like autumn leaves
So every verse and track you play u gettin' all of me
Class is now in session not a star no astronomy
It's cool to imitate homie but don't follow me
Simply a heavy hammer in the hands of the father G
I'm going all the way never stuck at the first base
No innuendo on Nintendo was my first race
Ever since then I been on mission to earn grace
But If I only knew then what I knew now I'd a saved face
But I'm sure it was all planned out
In the scheme of things there's a plan love it or beat her
Wisdom speaks when we don't demand but we seemin' to leave her
All the while life flies by just like a cheetah
Anita, Aretha, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
You know you got soul limited time on the meter
So what you really doing to change that?
Stop and think and ask where your brains at don't you wish it just came back?
So much toxins from what we watching
And what we listen to oh so often
And what we consume has got us boxed in
Not all will see the light when life pass the coffin! (No!)

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