When The Beat Drop by Skrip

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Renegades Never Die by Skrip

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When The Beat Drop
by Skrip

Album: Renegades Never Die

Verse 1
I feel like Larry Bird with a fresh mullet
I feel like Jim Henson made his first muppet
Haters are jealous (?), but I'm giving thanks oh really just stuffing(?)
Ya'll live in reverse, this life you just curse and your status is comfy
And you rollin' around in your Prius, you get high off the trees like Zacchaeus
You can't even take care of your kids, do you know what this is?
But you talking ‘bout me like you know me
And you blocking my game like you goalie
Tryin' to roll up behind me like police
Like the devil below me
Imma Imma Imma be me
Going knee deep in the beat
Flowing 3D, no defeat, it's time that you read ‘em and weep
I'm a prince like tennis, till I'm 91 like Dennis
Come and take rap to the finest
To the whole world, I guess I'm a menace

All this time
They looking at me like I'm on my mind
They telling me my style you can't define
I know my lane and yes I'm feeling fine
When the beat drop (x5)

Verse 2
When that beat drop, I can't be blocked
Serving the Rock
Breaking chains though, but I ain't fo
Got tang in my cup like Whoo!
Ya, rounds like Baby come through
Looking like a giddy young dude
And I'm just another double like serpent and shrew
And my windows stay tinted
Thinking I'm new, but I really be in it
I fight to the finish
My faith won't diminish
I drop off the top like I'm feeding the fishes get it?
Christians may not like me, the world may think I'm strange
Muslims will despise me, but I'll still stay the same
I'll still stay the same
We know refrain I'll bring the pain
The truth be cutting till I'm leaving the stains
At the feet of the father, Holla if you've been changed!
Everything is permissible, but not all is beneficial though
So beasts started speaking, let them go
While I'll be coming all things till the trumpet go


Now you know what I'm on, so just throw it up
Renegades never die, we gon' live it up
(Repeat x3)


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