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24 by Swoope

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New Day
by Swoope

Album: 24

Ante Meridian
Let's go!
New day
Come on!
New day

Verse 1
Never been here before, never comin' again
Every 24, come wit' another chance
New mercy straight from the Son comin' again
For every hard night, know the sun comin' again
Not a coincidence, that's all God, just to jog your memory (God)
How the Father walks, it runs in the family (Woo!)
He been the king, and that's way before Lebron (Hmm)
Gave a seat at the table way beforе Solange (Yeah)
Gave anothеr day, so I pray before I yawn
Gave a second chance a minute, grateful for more time
Lookin' at the time, shot clock, 24
Need a mop close by, leave it all on the floor
We the mob, no tires, we just run up the score
We the type that only thrive wit' a dub on the ball, yeah
At your neck, but we never choke (?)
When the heat is on, want all the smoke
Call me Cheech and Chong, want all the smoke (Yeah)
I stay me all along, no audible (Yeah)
That's what made me, play keys over break beats
Shady over Drake beats, Jay-Z over Ye beats
Head nod over bass beats, TED talk over Tay Keith
Let yall overlook me, let God overtake me
Let y'all underrate me, though my pen is a skillet that's hot
Can't validate me, self enter in the ticket, I'm not
Wit' pessimistic, I'm stayin' away from energy
Sayin' that it's a limit, this native is independent
I'm payin' attention, Spirit, forever wastin' my time
I'm prayin' that you forgive me, your grace done gave us more time
I'm prayin' these people listen, a new day's a new open door
(Yeah yeah) Thank you, Lord, for that new 24

(Yeah yeah)
Ante Meridian
New day
New day!
Yeah, let's go!

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