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24 by Swoope

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With You
by Swoope

Album: 24

I'm with ya!
Paste Meridian (Yeah)
It's here different now
Here's a big night out, ha

Yesterday I prayed for your mama
Up to God, take the pain away
And today, if I'm honest, prayed the same old thing
If we add it all up, it's been a whole decade
You spent a whole decade, uh, doin' your best to survive
Hopin' the tumor that grow in your chest was a lie
Or at the very least, please say it's benign
And if it's not, to the treatment, pray it responds
This weight is a ton
Droppin' pounds, now your frame is frail
It's drainin' skill to maintain the scale
Can't help but feel whenever we embrace
I might break a bone, so I just kiss your face
There were so many days I couldn't even have that
'Cause your face had mask, I had to wear a hazmat
Imagine all the trauma, ain't comin' to see your mama
She laid up wit' 80 doctors and you tryin' not to act sad
Tryin' not to act mad when other people beat it, that
I think we need another treatment
Wanna take you to a movie, but you got another screenin'
How did all that radiation not keep your life from beamin'?
You too sick for the pulpit, but you ain't stop the preachin' (I'm with you!)
Is joy still in the mornin' when you nauseous every evenin'?
Of course it's in the mornin', 'cause our God is never leavin'
I'm just hopin' that He's kind and give you time enough to see it

'Til you can't take no more (No more)
'Til there's no pain no more, no more
I'ma be wit' you (Wit' you)
I'ma be wit' you
And when you can't take no more (No more)
And when the loss ain't no more, no more
I'ma be wit' you (Wit' you)
Gotta be wit' you

But Christ has said, "If you are in Me, and I in you, and you realize that I am for you, you will also come to an understanding that I am with you!
No matter where you go
Oh, I need somebody in here who just talks like that
I'm with ya on this path that you don't think you're overcomin'
I'm with ya when you get diagnosed with that illness
I'm with ya when you get frustrated and disappointed
I'm with ya when everything is falling apart
I'm with ya on the mountaintop
I'm with ya when the valley is low
I'm with ya in the midnight hour
I'm with ya, I'm with you
Because My name is Emmanuel
All y'all didn't get that?

Miss you, mom
I'll see you again, though

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