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Looking Out for #1
by The Acappella Company

Album: Classics

Spoken: Unlock the power within you, call 1-800. . .
They advertise it on the television
Because loving yourself is the greatest love of all. . .
I hear 'em plug it on the radio
Sure it costs more, but I'M worth it. . .
How did we come to this?
I really do not know
And in a related story, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that prayer in public schools is, in fact, unconstitutional. . .
Giving glory to the human race now
Man's evolving to a higher plane
And, your thoughts, professor?
Well, looking at where evolution has brought us in the last 10,000 years, I'm sure we can't even imagine what the future holds

We're gonna see the wrath of God if things don't change
People led about by blind ambition
Nobody wants to be outdone
And they say "you gotta look out for number one"

Jesus is still in control of my life
He's my Master and second to none
One day the LORD will break open the skies
So I guess you could say
I'm lookin' out
Lookin' out for Number One

Usin' people just to gain position
Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?
We've become a generation of power-hungry fools
Yeah, people livin' for their reputation
To make a name that everyone will know
What'll take to show that life's no one-man show (one -an show)

If you're thinkin' life is out to get you
And you're thinkin' you gotta protect yourself
Turn it over to the One who knows you so well

Repeat Chorus

I'm looking out (looking out)
Yeah, I'm looking out (looking out)
Whoa, I'm looking out (lookin' out)
For Number One

Repeat Chorus

Lookin' out for Number One
Lookin' out for Number One
I'm lookin' out
Yeah, I'm lookin' out

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