Broken Promises by Viktory

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R4 - Relentless 4ever by Viktory

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Broken Promises
by Viktory

Album: R4 - Relentless 4ever

If I could do anything I said, I would prolly do the things that I see in my head
Just after I pray for I lay in the bed, the real me but instead.. yea yea instead

If they don't see, what you have for me, i've still got to be ready,
Got to get Ready,

My Life and potential is a looker,
Dred the day im looking back on where I couldn't took her
But didn't take her, and now she is vapor,

I grade myself on a sliding scale; truthfully, I'd rather not try than fail,
I'm the type that don't act, and still expect better parts,
Somebody guarantee the win, or I'll never start,
I'll never do it and just tell myself I could have
And criticize the moves of these dudes I'm as good as,
Better, let me correct that, my last girl told me I'm a waste, minor set back,
Let her go, what she challenging me for,
That's uncomfortable, and her motives I never know, plus,
how she addressed me, Tried undress the,
Truth and reality that I am not the best me,

If they don't see, what you have for me, i've still got to be ready,
Got to get Ready,

Know what its like to see yourself inside a broken mirror & wonder if the mirror broke or the person you seeing
Fearing promises from years of broken promises now honestly when you hear promises it just hurts to believe them
Im just a penny with a hole in it
Cause I'm sure I got something less than what hope is
If it ain't broke don't fix it
somebody help me get it
cause fixing ain't the issue it's knowing what broke is
Confused man that's what the laws of the land say
But I'm just bruised covering gun wounds with bandades
Now that's a face without the make up on & no my remedy won't help make it long
And no I don't wear my heart on my sleeve but the remedy shows the inner me continually bleeds
Lord I won't see you dreams for me if I don't wake up
I need your grace cause in afraid were trust can take us

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