Go by Viktory

Song Lyrics

by Viktory

Album: Birth of A Legacy, Vol. 1

If he holla I'm go
I'm gone

I'm gone
I'm gone
(Hey! Yeah!)
Get ready
If I can cause a thousand, we can chase ten
If I can chase a million, we can chase ten
If I can chase a billion, we can chase ten
So I'm a chase a trillion and do it all again

Thought it was but it aint
see the clock no time to debate
What you gonna do when its just too late
One wrong move can affect your fate
Want to do it all but you just won't start
Thinking to yourself that its just so hard
Blaming that everything is difficult
But really man you don't know God
Now Listen
I'm no better than any man but I live it
Could'a gained man many different times but I didn't
With my hands all high and my fame on the rise
Looking God in the eye but I never know I'd get it
If you aint ready for the grind better order something different
If you aint ready for the grind then I'm sorry you forget it
If you ready for the grind then you gotta be committed

Did I mention

Thought it did, but it don't
Thinking how did everything go wrong
Still thinking bout the man that was living in the mouth of the fish
Cause he just wouldn't go
See these doors they close
And his favor could go cold
If you losing sight of your goal
Forget about the man that truly controls
Everybody gotta a want, everybody gotta need

Everybody gotta goal, everybody gotta a dream

Nobody really wanna sacrifice anything
Nobody wanna work, nobody wanna bleed
Everybody wanna cake, everybody wanna eat

Everybody wanna sleep, everybody wanna lead
Everybody wanna be treated like they the king

(verse 3)
Never back down, gotta be strong
No matter what goes I gotta keep on
In this fight for life is where I belong
And I'm out in the field I got my cleats on
Never fall off, Never let go
He move I move like a echo

He move I move like a stepshow
One move keeps playing like a deaf flow
Therefore I gotta go, I really gotta go
Drop waste to the floor, front row for the show
Showing everybody to the door
if you in it I'mma flow better know when to drop it
I'm over your head in the scope
If you tell me go high, go low, better know I'mma go

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