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Ruckus by LZ7

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Head Back
by LZ7

Album: Ruckus
by LZ7


Where's your head at, where's your head at, all my people can you tell me where's your head at
Where's your head at, where's your head at, if you don’t know you better get your head back.

Wiz verse 1:

We doing our thing out here cos none of all can't get with these
Blinded by the lights and the things that you've seen on MTV
I'm taking it back for real rap and spit life through the MIC
Change gotta happen on the inside before it's displayed externally.
We're stressing and we don't learn lesson but we get distracted by Life and stuff,
But I'm trynna see what's going on in ya head when you only wanna Sit and puff
Be chattin' bout guns your clapping to impress girls with you fantasies
Or our clubbing in the bathroom drugging cos you know your life's a tragedy

Lindz verse 2:

I spit ma flow wanna get you to know that I don't go slow w'tha Westside sound, better speed up, turn the heat up, so whassup, gonna break this down, I play ma style witch you wanna flip you up get you believe, this milky bar kid gonna' spit gonna give it to you lyrically, ain't gotta benz, I'm on the mend, with tha G O D we make a good blend, like Nescafe or a cup of tea, I'm the milk and he's the caffeine, so get ya little hiney in the place to be, put down the green stop smoking the weed, think to yaself I never thought that, that indicates where you heads at.

Lindz verse 3:

Like Dre I been there I done that, I drank, I smoked I chundered
I ain't sayin' I’m perfect, but with the choice you make its all worth it, check the internet surf it, LZ Greenjade gonna work it, peeps runnin' round like they got no head, like a bug in the bed, might as well be dead, got no brain, got no game, this right here gon' send em insane, insane in the membrane, no, insane in the brain, I ain't sayin' I'm a gangstar and I ain't sayin' I'm a rockstar, I'm just givin' it heavy like a playa' whose life's been changed by the saviour.

Wiz verse 3:

The mid is a battlefield, You win or you losing.
The outcome is decided by all the choices you chosing
Get caught up in the madness so it’s the madness that’s oozing out
From every pour now its your mind that your losing
So I ask where you at, You ain't gonna get by
When you think that dealing with an issue is to smoke and get high
Straight believing the lies and then resorting to crime
The reaction to your actions just don't enter your mind.

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