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Growth by B-Luv

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Opening Night
by B-Luv

Album: Growth

Look how far we have come
And as I think back on my yesterdays
Wanted to give it up but then God made a way
Before them big stages
And all them crowd praises
There were so many telling me that I wouldn't make it
But yet I'm here standing in this very position
Used to perform in the mirror, now thousands listen
Holding on to every word
Repeating what I speak
Remembering what they heard
But it's not about me
My objective is to paint a picture the world can see
Of Christ I was created to bring Him glory
So save the autographs and all the pictures too
Before we get into that I have a job to do
Please don't applaud me celebrate the God who reigns
I'm just Brandon, lift up His matchless name
I've been waiting for this moment, no time to look back now
I know you're counting on me I pray I never let you down I can't afford the price He paid because it cost too much. My generation dying I ain't talking enough Tonight's destined for greatness
Excuse me for my lateness
Sorry to keep you waiting
Thank you for being so patient
I feel all the love, expecting more hatred
But y'all were all on my heart even while I was praying
All alone I was laying
Asking God to have His way and
Take a seat in our presence on this glorious occasion
My hands are lifted up
My soul's anticipating
Tonight's a celebration, just close your eyes and embrace it
Tell your swag it can exit, 'cause you're about to witness
Intimacy between God's children and His Holy Spirit
So thank you in advance I'm so glad that you made it
Now if you're ready to grow, I say congratulations (A-Natural) Let me get a round of applause
Not for me but for the one that I call on
cause tonight the show is all about Him
I'm just the opening act and He picked me to tour with
Stage ready, hit the lights
Hands up on this opening night
Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?
Let's make history tonight They say only the strong survive
I prove that with every line
This ministry is changing lives each and every time
I step on the stage, it's just me, just Him
I step out, step in
New swag, same grin
So welcome to my funeral, black suits and ties
Put the tissues away, we gon celebrate tonight
Picture my mother like Mary on Calvary when she cried
Don't want to lose her son but she knows that He gotta die
But now I'm claiming victory the devil is a liar
Emerged from my ashes my soul is on fire
Reincarnated spread my wings so I can fly
If your name is in the Lamb's book meet me in the sky
You gotta die so you can live, we can make history tonight
Get your Hands up in the air, accept Christ in your life
I'm about to go in
All so they can know Him
God gave me new insight and now I'm going to show them
Jesus was crucified pierced in His heart
Blood and water flowed from his side, His death was a work of art
It poured over humanity so every time we cry
We're reminded that Christ wanted us to grow when he died
Now can you see the sacrifice? Christ wanted us to grow when He died
Now can you see the sacrifice? Christ wanted us to grow when He died

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