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Growth by B-Luv

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Pleased With Me
by B-Luv

Album: Growth

(B-Luv & Darion Ja'Von)
And if He cracks the sky
There's gonna be a lot of tears in your eyes
Cause I'ma fly away
Once He comes there's not much you can say
So at the end of the day man I hope that He's pleased with me
No I'm not perfect and yes I made mistakes
But I'm striving every day so I can fly away
Once He comes there's not much you can say
So at the end of the day man I hope that He's pleased with me Are You pleased with me?
Are You pleased with me?
These are the questions on my heart before I go to sleep
I spent countless nights believing that You hated me
Wondering if You ever regretted creating me
At times it's hard to look at myself in the face
'Cause when I see my reflection I see all my mistakes
Every lie that we told
Every promise we made
Every time we said "I won't do it again" when we prayed
Were just our attempts, to eliminate
Our sins committed, because we were taught to repent
And "God will forgive"s becomes cliché
The next night we're praying about the same thing again
Yea, and none of us have arrived
We're just peculiar people getting better with the time
And I'm no different
than you, I have so much to learn
I just hope that I'm ready to leave when He returns because...
I loved you before you knew what love could do
I formed you personally, I am pleased with you
I sit outside of time, I saw those nights you cried
So I gave My life and now you are qualified
And there's nothing you could do to separate from this love
No matter where you try to hide or try to run
I will be there because My love is true
The cross proved you can forgive even when it hurts to
"But I know I hurt You, how could You trust me?
It can't be just because You love me"
But I do love you, I never keep score
There's nothing that
will make Me love you any less or any more
I had plans before you were conceived
Plans for your future, I just need you to believe
What you're going through is a part your story
And all of your mistakes will be used for My glory
I pray you have an open heart and an ear to listen
Without the shedding of blood there is no remission
Now everything
from your past has been forgiven
This may be your last chance for true repentance
Oh you don't care, giving the Kanye shrug
Only God can judge me sounds nice until He really does
And when that book is open and your name ain't called
You'll remember this moment when you could have given your all
So Lord Jesus please examine our hearts
And remind us, that we were purchased with a cost
We all have fallen short but nothing can depreciate
The value of what the Lord took His time to create
There is no condemnation, you are not a mistake
'Cause where sins abounds, there is greater grace
This earth is not my home and I can't wait to see
My savior one day so I'm hoping the He's pleased with me

"This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."- Matthew 3:17

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