Around the World by Believin Stephen

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Around the World
by Believin Stephen

Album: Battling Unbelief

One of the ways we battle unbelief is through worship. How bangin is it that we can worship God with all types of people, all around the world!

First Verse
I been on many planes, trains and automobiles
One thing I've seen plain, is my God is so real
Man's heart is so ugly, but God is so lovely
He saves people to praise Him, regardless of country
There's no superior race, combat that fallacy
God has people of all nationalities!
He has a heart for the nations, I'm starting to praise Him
In awe of creation, my God is amazing
(He) should be slaughterin pagans, but He offers salvation
It's causing elation, we got to be thankin
How come? Because the cross brings hope
And God saves people across the globe
That's why we got to go, cause the lost should know
With faith in Christ, all things are possible
The church is multi-ethnic, yes this it is factual
Christ's taking over the world, so international!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world .. with God's promise
He'll never let you down .. cause God's got us

Second Verse
Different forms of poverty, all kinds of economies
Christ's the only way, not giving an apology (or sorry no apology)
They wear different clothes, drive different cars
Everywhere I been, they all still need God
They eat different foods, say different words
We all need Christ, man forget what you heard
Get what we deserve? That would be burning sulfur
One thing I've learned from seeing different cultures
We all sin, but it's in different ways
It's all against God, so it's actually the same
Sinning comes easily, we don't need rehearsal
But the gospel has power, and it's universal
This is reflecting a glimpse of heaven
You'll see all races when you get to get in
And the cross is the intersection
That brings us together in heaven, it's a blessing

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world (with God's promise)
He'll never let you down --- (cause God's got us )

Third Verse
I'm amazed by it, He's arranging this
I've seen saints praise Him in different languages
He changes men, savin them, Danish kin,
Arabians, plus Jamaicans and..
Caucasian men, Asian friends
Romanians, Malaysians, and Mediterraneans
Christ paid for sin, and did raise again
He's savin men, no matter their race or skin
We'll get to reign with Him
God loves all races, get that through your cranium
We're all one in Christ, there is no distinction
We're united together, there is NO division!
All types of people so many to distinguish
Praise Him in Polish, praise Him in English
Praise Him in French, praise Him in Chinese
Praise Him in Spanish, or praise Him with rhyme schemes!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world .. with God's promise
He'll never let you down ..cause God's got us

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