Stand & Fight by George Moss

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It's Time by George Moss

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Stand & Fight
by George Moss

Album: It's Time

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...

Verse 1
Yea, yea, yea, yea, ah yea, it's goin down
If you don't know how to do it then I'ma show you how
We startin right now, never turn the lights down
I'm not a plumber so don't expect me to pipe down
Cuz I cannot be silent, that's not my assignment
We in a war for peace and things are getting violent
We can't just talk about it, we gotta be about it
The type to do it while other people just think about it

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...

Verse 2
Alright it's on now, It's bout to go down
We on a mission I hope you listenin' close now
Yea it's a cold world, But we ain't slowin down
We keep it movin though this blizzard like a snow plow
No games, this is war, nothin's gon move me
Nothin like you've seen before, fakin' just don't amuse me
If life is like a movie and this is the theme music
So if you ridin with us then I'ma need you to prove it
Sand up, let me see your hands up
I'm sick of all the politics we need to get some answers
How come on every cell phone GPS is standard
Spend a billion dollars yet there's still no cure for cancer?
See I ain't tryin' to offend but I don't mind if I do
It's a war against a lie, we in the army of truth
And it's clear to see the signs so now it's time for the youth
To get up off the sidelines and fall in line with the troops
And Go!

We gon stand, we gon fight
This ain't a game, it's our life
So everyday, and every night
We gon stand, we gon fight

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