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City Lights by Json

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Peep Hole
by Json

Album: City Lights

Verse 1
See them gunshots
Yea that's them goons with that iron out
If you listen closely you can hear the streets crying out
died before he got a chance to make loot
Thugs caught him sleeping left a slug in his grapefruit
And his moms cried a bundle of tears
Ain't third world but they concrete jungleing here
Were gorilla's and them tigers and them bears they be lying at
Thinking they the king cause they ain't met the Lion yet
Blowing on the Cush
Got'em feeling radiant
Trapped in the trap trapping twelve block radius
Maybe on the Boyd
dormin whipped like some quicksand
Peep'em in a nod make'em lean like a kickstand
All they want is pleasure
do anything to have it
boxing with the wind
Can't seem to grasp it
And Jesus ain't the answer they just see him as a lamb
He was beat, mocked, killed they just see him as a man
The hoods were it's grimmy they don't think he can relate
Being forsaking by your father seeing streets the all the hate
Seen so much death in the slums it's the usual
Pain gets suppressed they just numb to the funerals
Searching for some joy possessions bring them happiness
Living for today so they ain't focused on what's after this
The core of the hood this how the heartbeat goes
Can't show it all you just looking through a peephole


Tell me can you see it
The shots are firing the cops and sirens the block is crying
Tell me can you see it
The stress the streets claim at best they seek fame the death and deep pain
Tell me can you see it can you see it through the peephole
Tell me can you see it can you see it through the peephole
Tell me can you see it can you see it through the peephole
Cant show it all you just seeing through a peephole

Verse 2

Born for the grind
Whole hood heard of him
Before the age of 5 he had people trying to murder him
On strips and every block they was waiting on his rise
But them haters had papes and sent them killers out to ride
Moms & pops dipped from one town to another one
Pops was a carpenter but they was still struggling
Got to Nazareth that were they chose to fallback
If that ain't hood life then what do you call that
Came in our frame so he can relate to everything we face cause he faced what we face to
Raised in the gutter deprived from the best
But he wasn't just man He was God in the flesh
Came from above to reflect what his loves like
Stepped into time and divine was his blood type
Send me I'll reside were the sinners be
You'll ride for your homies but he died for his enemies
Just for u and I he would rise on the third day
The same God who spoke the world alive that wordplay
Now we got two options believe or be crushed
Yea he was beat mocked killed but endured it for us
So it's by grace through faith mans saved now
His life wasn't taken homeboy it was laid down


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