Unexpected Happenings by Json

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City Lights by Json

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Unexpected Happenings
by Json

Album: City Lights

Verse 1
Shots rang out
He dipped away with the thang out
Nobody came out
to afraid to leak his name out
Plus in the hood u a lame if u snitch though
He missed with 4 & hit a 6 yr old
Moms hurting & broken to crushed for words
Only thing she hopes is to see justice served
While he fled in to darkness seemingly heartless
She clung tight to her young babies lifeless carcass
Hurt, Pain, Anger Hate they gripped her chest
She wants to see him meet the same fate that her son met
He's excited thought his enemies died though
Saying he's a rider he just fired with his eyes closed
He realized what happen & was truly broken
Years later unsloved case still open
Moms been crying out to God what she's feeling is
U took my innocent son & decided to let a killer live


He sees all of you tear He's aware of your
He knows you want answers at the cross it's explained
He knows that your broken and can relate to you
He's faithful to it's grace for you
So run to Him

Verse 2

She never smoke never drank but her lifes collapsing
Somethings wrong this ain't right God how can this happen
cries the family nothing would even presuppose this
Routine check up turns bad with this diagnosis
Lung cancer doctors say it's starting to spread
The way they cried you would think that she's already dead
Prepared to fight but man if they only knew
The pain they would feel when they'd see what she's going through
Kemo it took her hair bodies becoming frail
Hurts her to speak painful just to inhale
While you wait knowing you see clearly her fate
Daily you wait as her body deteriorates
When she dies the family was truly rocked
You could have took a rapist, killer or dude on the block
But you took her and these dudes don't even care
God this ain't even far God this ain't even fair


Verse 3

Perfect and innocent took our sin so wrath crushed Him
See the Father knows how it feels to demand justice
He reacts justly and though displayed different
Our demand for justice shows that were made in His image
He created our members and relates to our feelings
God the Son allowed his on creation to kill him
And all things were made for Him and through Him and by Him
Is it fair that the world that He made would deny Him
When the unexpected happens rush to the cross
Might not seem fair but it's there He's in touch with your loss
That's were the goriest thing to happen to glorious
And still the story is that He skated the grave victorious
He who knew no sin became sin your place
Worst thing to ever happen yet there is nothing more great
And he knows that your broken so embrace His plan
In His arms is comfort so take His saving hand


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