Gotta Do Better by K-Drama

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Elegiac Sessions by K-Drama

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Gotta Do Better
by K-Drama

Album: Elegiac Sessions

Man I gotta do better (x8)
Yeah I gotta do better (x2)

Verse 1
Lately I feel all over the place
Tryna keep straight, when a part of me when it's all over
Tryin' not to let these delays, sway me, gotta keep focused
But it's difficult when you drop a project and most hardly notice
Everyday when I'm out, somebody ask me "Do I still rap?"
Partaking in a raging shot
In my opinion I feel that
Artistically, I'm on a different level
Rapping better now than I ever did
But the industry got me feeling like I hit a lid, hid my lid
Surrounded daily by these problems, answers I haven't figured out
Submerged at the bottom and as I drown I wither down
Forgettin' my Foundation, constantly livin' by emotions
Discouraged cause I'm tryin' walk by faith but everythin' I see is broken
I'm surrounded by seas, oceans, no land
Wish I could say "My soul's stayin'"
To the great place by the Great Lakes
But I deviated from the program
Lettin' my emotions get the best of me
And lettin' God get the rest of me
Ignorin' the countless ways He's blessin' me

Man I gotta do better (x8)
Yeah I gotta do better (x2)

Verse 2
Man I gotta do better
Can't settle for the status quo
I've came a long way
But I have a long way to go
I got a lot hangin' on me
Many times it's drainin' homie
Praisin' One will train the lonely
In the past, people came only
When they in need of a favor
I'm in need of a Savior
Feels like I've fallen short
When the ball's in my court
I ain't readin' like I should be
Not fatherin' like I could be
When trust passes, guess I would be
I'm in the grace but I end up enjoyin' the taste of revenge
Take it out on my friends
Will I pick up the phone?
It depends on the mood I'm in
I've isolated myself, ain't been takin' care of my health
Eatin' whatever's in front of me cause everything feels numb to me
Don't even want to write this but I can't keep livin' like this
Don't have the energy to fight this, I just wanna live righteous
Help me not to go the way that seems right to me
I owe compliancy
Help me cast on you anxiety

Man I gotta do better (x8)
Yeah I gotta do better (x2)

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