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I Can Rejoice by Mark Bishop

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Heaven Knows
by Mark Bishop

Album: I Can Rejoice

I would like to…tell you a true story
And it may touch you the way that it touched me
For I was there when…all the churches in the region
congregated for reporting annually

One by one they…stood behind the pulpit
They were reading facts and figures from the page
"With our programs, our attendance nearly doubled
and last year this church saw twenty-seven saved."

Each new number…was met with great rejoicing
Everyone applauded what the Lord had done
And every church…represented in attendance
Had their turn…till there was only one

One last preacher, not as finely dressed as others
Cleared his throat and took his turn behind the desk
"We're just a small church," he said. "With a little congregation
and our building's not as large as all the rest."

"But this past year…a new family came to visit,
then one Sunday morn…the father came and prayed."
"And though it's not much, well it sure did change that family
Our church reports, last year one soul was saved."

And all were silent…as that young preacher took his papers
He wiped the tears away and he was done
And in that moment, all our hearts received a stirring
reminding us when we were just that one
When Jesus left the ninety-nine to find the one

And we don't know…how long Heaven had been waiting
We don't know…all the work that had been done
We don't know…how the angels were rejoicing
Or the longing in God's heart to reach that one
All the love and all the praying for that one
But Heaven knows…that eternal life was given
Heaven knows…that somebody found the Lord
Heaven knows…and they're singing hallelujah
For the angels know the worth of that one soul
Though sometimes we might forget, well heaven knows

I would like to…tell you a true story
And it may touch you the way that it touched me

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Mark has many songs that tell great stories just as this one. That is why I like his songs so much and listen to them often. - Sep 2022

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