All of my Life by PRo

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PSA Volume 2 by PRo

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All of my Life
by PRo

Album: PSA Volume 2

Verse 1
Born into sin
Stuck in a rage, it's a battle within
Now gon' turn the page and see the battle for men
Another baby's born, you see the battle again
Wanna think that I'm perfect, no
Runnin' from God like I'm Usain Bolt, but no track shoes
I try to give ‘em hope when I'm at dudes
But make it sound familiar what the facts do
I remember bein' the same way
Runnin' from the truth, hidin' my face
And I ain't care about Christ dyin' in my place
I just wanna fold this money that I make
Thank God for grace, bruh
So patient, break down and chase us
Every trial he use to make us
Lookin' for love, it was right in front of my face, bruh

I spend so much time runnin' away from you
But I realize all of my life, all of my life
All of my life, this what I've been waitin' for
I'ma stay true
‘Cause I realize all of my life, all of my life
All of my life, this what I've been waitin' for

Verse 2
I was told, get all the money that you can grab
That'll help you get all the women that you can have
Then you rap about it and get you a bunch of fans
After that boy you will probably be the man
Bugs Bunny chased the carrot of fame
Be a fool now that I'm on to chase the carrot again
I want the Lord, you can be a star
I just want the surgeon keep working on my heart
Keep working on my art
So they can see you in my part
My piece so small, your plan got me so in awe
That I participate at all
‘Cause I'm not worthy, yes I'm dirty
But some reason you keep makin' me clean
I know I'm purchased, I'll be perfect
Till then, I keep waitin' for my King forever


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