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Redemption by PRo

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In the Club
by PRo

Album: Redemption

They lookin for the bright lights, lookin for the fame
She's checkin out his swag, while he's lookin at her frame
Its life up in the club, life up in the club, life up in the club, life up in the club
(?) it always stays the same,
And getting ready Saturday to do it all again
Its life up in the club, life up in the club, life up in the club, life up in the club
That's life up in the club

They call her shoppin bag missy misses
You so bad Gucci shoes, swagga on a thousand
Yeah she got that Louis too
You can't tell her nothin cuz she stuntin (can I keep it real)
Gon' and fill her cup up while she frontin (man gon' keep it trill)
She don't really want you she just copin wit some problems
Sin has been her algebra, she just cant solve 'em
Club has been her space jam, just like Daffy
I'm tryna warn a brotha cuz the club is flashy
Bright lights, bass pumpin everything's groovin
Next week same sin, you just keep movin
For real its ridiculous, how you so oblivious
Clubin all your life away, we gon' call you frivolous

He came through wit a ice cold wrist already drunk off Chris
Blow that kush off in the air, man he tryna get lit
Now he buyin up the bar, make it rain, He gon' pay the bill
But I see there's a issue, you don't mind, can I keep it real
45 years old tryna do the same thing,
Girls lookin 'em at like why you ain't at home mane
Identity is shot, thinking that he so hot
Spend his life off in the club, now that's the only thing he got
You been here a long time, hope you find what you were lookin fo
For 25 years, I don't think that you gon' find it folk
Focus is distorted, that's the reason for the wasted life
(?) that vanity, you should just be chasin Christ

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