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Album: Redemption
by PRo


I get low, kneel before the Father, do it big,
Then glory to the King that's the reason that we living
I get low, I lay me down every time I life Him up
Shining like a star point 'em to the world we living for
I get low, kneel before the Father, do it big,
Then glory to the King that's the reason that we living
I get low, I lay me down every time I life Him up
Shining like a star point 'em to the world we living for

Now they know who I rep fo, homie its Jee
And then I OD on a K-Drama beat
Man I'm high over life, but I'm lower than a '64
Chevy on a 100 spokes with butterfly doors man
People say they kings just because they ride clean
With the top chopped off like it went through a guillotine
But I do it different, Christ get His name lift
But then it come back and we take off like a space ship
But I'm not Kanye, I ain't working at the Gap,
Boy I'm in da hood tryna put my foot in da gap
Maybe through humility, they will see Him and me
And worship the Creator, put creation where it need to be

He made himself low so we can have life just in case you didn't know
Even if you rich you should make yourself po'
Ain't talkin bout ya money but I'm dealin wit ya soul
See what I mean is
You can double the money of Bill Gates, still couldn't buy faith
It'll never change your fate
You would all be in a casket preceded by the wake
Have the best health plan but it still won't change the day
Of demise, but God is eternal He'll never die
He the reason you at least get this little glimpse of life
And that alone should make you wanna get low quick
Or whatever you thought about Him guaranteed He bigger

Let me show you how to do it
Stand on a rock and never stagger, truth kill pride, I call it my swagga dagger
So what? You make money, I ain't impressed mane
Cuz them monkeys at the zoo bring in dollars like everyday
And you ain't pick your attributes while you was in the womb so
Ain't no point in bragging God's gift to you
So I say, step 1, see Christ for who He is
Creator, King, there's nothing more than God that's ever lived
Phillipians 2:3 esteem other people higher than you
So that yappin bout ya swagga should retire
Cuz anything that opposes the Father is removed so
I suggest you deflate your chest like inner tubes

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