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Magnificent by Proxy

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by Proxy

Album: Magnificent

It's the Kingdom – Kingdom out is what we bring them,
You ain't seen royalty? You about to see some,
Kingdom - kingdom violence what we bring them,
You gone give it up - kickin or screamin.

Verse 1:
Simone... the only way is forward march until they all gone,
I'm-a push my agenda, envelope and them some down your asophogus until we've won,
We're in perfect positionin' - ready for direction,
Yes you can resist but I suggest you join,
This is kingdom - music - anthem - use it,
Expandin' dominion at the sound of the drums,-
So play the horns… and let the streets sing along,
Influential in community like colors and guns,
This is all strategy we got our marching orders and we follow to a "t",-
Overthrow - overrun,- occupy till they come,
Wake up to the sound of it all going down,
This would be for some - the beginning of forever,
This will be for others the beginning of the end,
Please let it come.

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Dream on - but in my sleep she's callin my name – i have to respond,
I do not rest long - we are so vigilant,–
There's too much to be done - they need more than a song,
Action is the bomb – desire is the fire – pain is the fuel – man truth is the lighter,
Tossin' and turnin' in my cot - all nighter,
Screams in my dreams cause I got insight plus,
I can see inside her, and yeah I'm a liar,
If I keep it to myself and watch her slowly die uhhh -
We could take you higher, but you gotta drop everything and run with me tonight or,-
The fire in the sky gone light up, - your whole life - don't believe just try bruh,
This is what we fight for,
Live and we die for, cause it's all about the.


Verse 3:
We strong...
We – we – we got them legions - ranks - fleets,- I am not the one,
Exponential influence, Stealth on the set up,
Environment? Use it, live off what they fed us,
Understand game plan – live off what they fed us,
Stronger every moment, dark room - we develop,
Hungry not jealous,- let the scars tell it,
Peel off my shirt and watch me relish,-
Wave the flag... let the world see... strike up the band... victory!
No turning back, I-could-never,- relinquish that,- which-I-treasure,-
back on the mat? Way too clever,- first shall be last,- and-that's-for-ever,- you stuck in the past,
And this is not a movement, coup or take over,-
How we go gone take over something that we already had?!
Storm the gates, scale the walls, in large numbers,
And don't let up until we see that 'white flag', (yeah!)
After the bomb blast (yeah!), after the smoke clear (yeah!), after the ceasefire (yeah!) - we are still here,
So you can have this year,- yadadamean
Cause I wanna see future in my rear view mirror.

Our Father – our father in heaven,
Hallowed be your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven, our Father

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