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Magnificent by Proxy

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My Everything
by Proxy

Album: Magnificent

Verse 1:
Can you please make me significant? Cause I ain't never ever been that - lived that,- they don't know my name where I live at,
Let alone help me better aim what I shoot at - aimless,
I didn't even know I existed walkin' through walls so good at,-
Watchin' life pass me by good-riddance,
To bad habits and I know it's dramatic but they remember my name if I die tragic,
So why not? What else do I got?
A handful of nothin' a hole in my lot,
Dad said ______ mom loves rock,
Taught me somethin' the others on my block,
I'm hot every time they call the cops,
King for a day each time I bust shots,
Thousand online hoe's that's a lot, right?
Tattoos and youtube street fight,- I'm a lot right?
What else I gotta be?- Who else I gotta be?
Somebody tell me!- If I only knew there'd be a lot of me,
In your community instead of in the clink,
This is hell man! 1 out of 3?
Black men have, will or gonna be,- that's a lot right?
Does anybody out there know me?- Show me and I promise I'm on it.

Today, I'm looking for my tomorrow, if you know where to go - just tell me and I'm headed there!
I can't wait! Cause I've never been nothin - if you can make me somethin - I'll give you my everything!

Verse 2:
Can you please tell me I'm beautiful? cuz I aint never ever heard that - without a hand under my shirt or on my lap,
So stunning when I'm flat on my back - priceless,
What did I do to deserve this? besides sex so good at - doing what I'm told since 6 years old - don't you ever tell a soul - never,-
But seems like everywhere I go - they already know,
And whatever they see - make 'em want to touch,
Everybody want me - can't get enough...
And this is what I call love - anything goes - just tell me what I'm worth to ya,
Maybe a brand new purse to ya? Daddy let me get next to ya, that's what you wanted right? Your little girls all grown up now, but in a sense I ain't never really been your child, so wild!
No name plus no aim and I swear there's no hope,
Wipe the whole slate clean I'm a cup, can you please come fill me up?
I gotta know oh what I don't know and I'll change the world,
Make somethin' out of nothin' one word and I'm on it.


La la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la la la!
(Repeat 1x)


Make me somethin', definition, make me somthin', make me somethin', definition!!

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