Go Out Quickly by The Acappella Company

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Gospel by The Acappella Company

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Go Out Quickly
by The Acappella Company

Album: Gospel

Now there's a banquet feast (banquet feast)
And everybody's been invited there (and everybody's been invited there)
Will you come to the banquet
Even the kings and queens (kings and queens) they have an invitation
You know it's a gala affair
Yeah, but the problem is (the problem)
Everybody's busy in their own way
Gotta rush, gotta hury
No room (no room), no place (no place) and
No time (no time) for us to spare
We've got a lot to achieve (got too much to bare)
Cause He said…

Go out quickly to the streets
And lights of the city
Go out quickly and spread the news

Well everybody's been invited (everybody)
It doesn't matter (it doesn't matter) who they think they are
They could be broke or a banker
Tell 'em there's something there (there's something there)
There's food there for everybody you see
They can't afford to miss this
Tell it everywhere you go (everywhere you go)
Cause all the time you've got is but a vapor
Not a week not a day
No we don't have time to delay
Get up, get out and show the hungry the way…
We gotta give an invitation of hope
Today to the world (they need it)
They need a spiritual alternative and
A better way (you better believe it)
We've been commissioned as ambassadors
Let's go to the lost
We are His voice (sing out)
We are His hands (reach out) let's…

Repeat Chorus

Go out (go out), go out (yay)…
Go out (spread the news), go out…
Go out (go out), go out (go to the street)…
Go out (go to the), go out (gotta go to the avenue)…
Go out (go out (gotta go, gotta gotta)), go out (yay)…
Go out (go out(gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta go)), go out…
Go out (go quickly, yeah), go out (quickly)…
Go out (go out), go out (go out)…
Go out (go out), go out (hey)…
Go out, go out (yeah)…
Go out, go out…

Go out quickly

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