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City of God by ChristCentric

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Didactic Music
by ChristCentric

Album: City of God

Let me introduce this topic
why we produce this
holy hip-hop-ness
doctrinal instruction for the conduction of godliness.
See we're concerned with the same things that God he is!
If you look up in the Word – you'll see it's obvious
what the purpose of music in the Body is
and what the duty of the Christian hip-hop artist is.
Christcentric's convinced it's not anthropocentric
meaning a Holy Ghost party is not what God intended!
But unended thanks to Him be rendered
thru psalms and hymns, spiritual songs that be centered
on truth and theology
how can we praise Christ without the knowledge and light of His anthology?
So, with no apology,
we preach the Whole Counsel
call it a Biblical philosophy!
Which is all just a copy of the life
of Paul and Christ and Peter and all their likes!
The Scriptures was all the hype
they watched their life and doctrine
with all their might!
Cause souls they follow
so no hollow empty chatter,
empty platter
no soul food to swallow
or shallow entertainment that thinks His name is hallowed.
But only sound words contained in
this historical oracle framed in Holy Writ!
The Word solely spit
this paradigm we find for ministry
in the letters of Titus and Timothy.
See lies are the enemy
we can't be wise in our own eyes
so these guys have no eyes for industry!
But, still eventually – you heard it
ChristCentric the click that sticks cat's in the Word!
See, you might think it's strange kid but God has ordained it
the foolishness of preaching to make His name famous!

-From Genesis to Revelation, this is the tactic,
renewing minds thru lines that are didactic!
Some don't like how we drop this,
but what we present is holy hiphopness!-

This ain't the kind of rap that paints a positive picture,
we're conscious of expositing scripture's contents!
We take the backseat and Christ drives,
this is music that's devoted to the Word like Scribes!
It's Christology in laymen's terms expressed,
just like the a-m-b-a-s-s!
Yes, we make songs so unbelievers won't stay calm,
once we drop the "h" bomb like napalm!
It's christian love against all hating,
rhymes of exhortation, for Christ' exaltation!
You're not impressed to follow the•
Lamb you're damned in the end, just a touch of eschatology!
Come on yall stop it, if we wanted profit,
we wouldn't cover all topics like false prophets!
Like greed and gospel should never mix,
expose theology of derelicts, the clever tricks of heretics!
Our heritage is martyrs, and forefathers,
that brought God his glory in the midst of tribulation!
A planet of henchmen, for God's plan of redemption
against sin in its origination!
Original sin left a bad scar,
so now all men's past is checkered like flags at Nascar!
We all got equality, every man's a sinner,
and we miss the mark which is harmateology!
It's not hard theology that's only food for scholarly,
but those who have the spirit's work in them, pneumatology!
Look thru scripture's lens so we see it properly,
soteriology to ecclesiology!
Isaiah's blessed tradition, line upon line,
precept upon precept, lyrical exhibition!
Exposition my raps to use it,
and make it Christcentric for didactic music!

-From Genesis to Revelation, this is the tactic,
renewing minds thru lines that are didactic!
Some don't like how we drop this,
but what we present is holy hiphopness!-

thru beats and rhymes we bring you the holy bible
from the beginning until Christ arrival
teaching cats to watch their life and doctrine
obedience to God is not just an option
we tell you the story how it all began
creation, temptation, and the fall of man
the call of abram to the land of cannan
the freedom from egypt by the Great I AM
how the Lord told joshua to destroy the clans
and if they obeyed they will enjoy the land
but the nation he saved soon turn to idols
like the roman church when they burn the bibles
what about king david whom the Lord anointed
and his son solomon whom the Lord God appointed
to build his temple and preserve the line
emmanuel the pregnant virgin is the sign
behold the lamb who is our propitiation
who gathers men and makes them a holy nation
instructing us about his plan of salvation
and sending us to be his representation
we grow in him then go to men
to show their sin thru flows and hyms of elohim
we introduce it cats refuse it call it stupid
though use this holy music

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