Saturday Night Special by Mars Ill

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Pro Pain by Mars Ill

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Saturday Night Special
by Mars Ill

Album: Pro Pain

Live here tonight, gentlemen and ladies
Please fasten your seatbelts in the interest of safety
Atlanta welcomes you to come witness the light
What you've been waitin for this fine saturday night
Yes, that's right, come one, come all
Through the boondocks to all suburban shopping malls
Trailer parks, the PJs, country clubs, and ghettos
This is your saturday night special

It's saturday and the club smells like cigarettes and aftershave
Survival of the fittest, we're the last remaining castaways
Crack the stage, tear the roof off and collapse the place
A new breed of emcee with characteristics of a master race
Captivated, you can't recall who those others are
Make you drop to your knees and thank god you paid the cover charge
Love is hard to listen to, cause we're softly killing
It's been a long time since you've had feelings this original
Second nature like breathing slow for those like Ishmael
The bases that you need to know, we supply the remedy
Each cypher is a china shop, we break porcelain figurines
The mic is a weapon and you've got suicidal tendencies
Stammer and stutter through your twenty minute train wreck
The 9 to 5 is right here with or without a paycheck
You're like a sure thing, disconnect is a safe bet
Wait a sec, just heard you hit record on your tape deck
Call your local DJ and make him put it on repeat
This song is the reason Americans practice free speech
When The Source has less street cred than Teen Beat
Every weekend shut it down and listen up when we speak

It was love in the club
There's thugs in the club
There's drugs in the club
But it's bugged that the club
Is home for those that ripping like us
We got your hands in the air, yelling while you slapping your vertebrae
Saturday night special like a snub nosed thirty eight
So click, bow! mix six shots for hip-hop
We're goin state to state with this, so your city is just a pit stop
Or for however long my set is
I'ma rep this from georgia to california to jersey back down to Texas
A real emcee don't rely on marketing the gimmicks
When I told him to stop writing, I was targeting the mimics
So make some noise for me and Manchild and of course there's Dust
Raise your voices up, and enjoy the rush
You can trust that we gonna gonna give you what you came for, and a little bit more
Something for you to spend your change on when it finally hits stores
I might battle before or after the show or after I flow
We gonna know that I'm official like the tag in the store, yeah

I'm passing this accurate round forth and back radical sound
It's me and greed the time for action is now

Smacking clowns and think you're backin us down
You bound to get it first
We keep it fresh like your mouth after chewin some Cinnaburst

Yeah I spit a verse I wrote today I can't wait till the ink settles
Bring it through the blinking lights, broken dreams, and drink specials

You think bezzles and chains will define you as an emcee
But if you rhyme after I'm finished shining the club gonna be empty

To put it simply, this is life and living it is on you
Giving ya'll the means to be limitless if you want to

But I warn you, this is a about as real as it gets
To make it in this takes patience like dealing with kids

Right, and I can't spare the rod because effectively we change the pace
Save the face of music on weekends plus the labor days

In a major way this is the way we play the game
So say the name, issues with Mars Ill still spitting these waves of flames

We chain gang bound together breaking what surrounds me
Maybe some day you'll be blessed to find our presence in your county

Putting you down for the bounty to collect this, so check this
This is hip-hop music don't ever disrespect it

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