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Applause, Vol. 1 by Swoope

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by Swoope

Album: Applause, Vol. 1

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Praise and accolades
Bereave the stage
I say thanks as lights fade

I go, I go of the stage feeling regal
Ego, ego getting stroked, feel my steelo
So high, so high, so high, I like an eagle
So high, so high, so high, no pinot grigio
I'm drunk on my own wine, feeling plastered
Man, I'm gasd up. I ain't take no Beano.

But you know how that be though
We you can rock the stadiums
That's another steeple
When you can fill platium pews full of people
And give* it up to you like you was the Repo
Soon as the record hit the needle
I hit the stage killing homie, you can call me hero
On the real I'm villain homie, you can call me Debo
And I'm living foul bit there ain't no referees though

So ain't nobody shooting free throws
I just hit the stage like Frank and do it my way
Spit perverted Gospel, Bernie Mac Friday
You heard what I say, it ain't no referees so
I'm travelling, packing and hit the highway
Different cities have become the same place
Every crowd's a mirror man, I swear I see the same face
I just say the same thing and let my pockets gain weight

Homie, this is my day to day
I make them put their hands together like they're saying Grace

All in the name of the Lord and his saving grace
I'm playing game with his love, homie flava flav

Cause every time i'm rhymng I'm thinking of going diamond
My heart's in the club, homie Ace of Spades

I'm on paper chase, gotta get this bread homie
I need a paper chase, trying to hold it down homie
I need a paper weight, never wanna fade out, gotta get my taper straigh
And I got them lined up
Homie, homie ain't that great
Homie, homie ain't that great

People clap for me and make a patty cake
Cause they my bars like Saint Patty's day
As pride fills up my chest
I gotta give them my best
I'm never gon take a rest
Homie homie I hate Saturdays
I'm never gon take the Sabbath day
So forget what my Daddy say
And gon ahead with the patty cake
And give my talent praise with...


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