Liberation by Timothy Brindle

Song Lyrics

by Timothy Brindle

Album: The Great Awakening

Verse 1:
I was born in sin's penitentiary
Enslaved to evil- this condemned and sentenced me
Locked in a cell block, I'd act wickedly in captivity
While watching myself rot born with a death sentence
Warned to neglect repentance by my Lord who expressed vengeance
By deceiving my mind and keeping me blind
And convincing me that evil was fine
His name is Lucifer, he was my slave master
He said to hate God and screamed with great laughter
He ruled this prison of sin, my vision was dim
He told me what to do and I'd listen to him
I was depraved and arrogant- an accursed transgressor
My ways inherited- from my first ancestors
Trapped in my sinful habitation
I was into masturbation, and it kindled aggravation
But I loved the darkness of my cell
Plus my lungs were heartless, and this sluggard's carcass had a smell
An unbearable stench
Disgusting and vile, my lusting was wild, with some terrible wench
A praiser of wickedness, my behavior was mischievous
Craving sin-enslaved to my sicknesses
Much inclined to muck and slime
And crust and grime I has such a disgusting mind
Sinning was fluid, swimming in sewage
Lucifer fed me his stew I'd drink and then spew it
I often coughed and had constant red eye
Spiritually talkin' I was a walkin' dead guy
'Cause the Law hung over me as a guillotine
Really mean, and thrilled to sin, I was still a fiend
Many times a man came to my cell
To ask me if I wanted someone to save me from Hell
But I'd slap him in the face, and laugh at this grace
'Cause it so happened that I was trapped in this place
I was content in sin, I disregarded that I couldn't be pardoned
From my sentencing so I slept heavily-the best remedy
In neglecting the fact I faced a death penalty
Then came my day of execution
It was time to die but I couldn't pay the retribution!!!

Verse 2
I was a detestable prisoner, an ineffective listener
Than I had an unexpected Visitor
And this was frightening, 'cause I was trifling
Then came the Spirit of Christ the Righteous King
A shining light came on inside of my cell
Revealing my sinful condition, I cried and I yelled
God forgive me, rescue me from death's despair
Don't execute me in the electric chair!
But then I was embraced- by His love and truth
He said He died in my place-as my substitute
I couldn't fathom His charity, so I asked Him clarity
He actually sat in the chair for me
He took the violent wrath on my behalf
So I could have life and be alive at last!
My first reply, was but You're a perfect Guy
You never cursed or lied, you didn't deserve to die
But He said He wanted to because He made a covenant
To save His people so they wouldn't face His punishment
So I hugged and thanked Him, His robe was all red
He said He proved all this was true because He rose from the dead
Now my charges were dropped
He gave me faith when He replaced my heart because it was as hard as a rock
He broke my shackles, now my visions clear
I was given ears, He removed my filthy prison gear
And proceeded to put it on the shelf
My death sentence was dropped when He took it upon Himself
Then He dressed me in His perfect righteousness
The nicest gift, yes I was hype from this!
He told me He freed me for a purpose, Tim
To conform me to His image, and serve and worship Him
Then I fell on my face I'll tell of Your ways
And proclaim you save sinners by indelible grace
I savor this pleasure, You're the greatest of treasures
Jesus Christ- I can't wait to praise You forever
But then Lucifer tried to keep me from leavin'
But Jesus crushed His head and defeated His demons
We bounced from the prison, He announced I'm forgiven
I was dead in that place, now I'm out and I'm livin'
And I shout: 'HE IS RISEN!' for hours abroad
I've been freed by the Gospel which is the Power of God
Then He said He must return to His Father's side
I started crying, so He said "be calm, you're fine"
Because His Holy Spirit will guide my steps
He promised He'd keep me until my final breath
I now await the return of the Sovereign Lamb
To take me to worship Him in the promised land
This parable's a metaphorical analogy
Of a terrible but then adorable reality.

And I'm praising Jesus, 'cause He redeemed and freed me when I was enslaved in Egypt (2x)

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