The Heart of Christ by Timothy Brindle

Song Lyrics

The Heart of Christ
by Timothy Brindle

Album: The Restoration - Instrumentals
by Timothy Brindle

Verse 1
The Torah-Heart of the True Human
The Heart of Christ, the most beautiful thing/ fully God—yet a Human Ruler and King
Anointed in Davidic Royalty/ to the Father's glory, full committed loyalty
The Real Torah, whose heart fulfilled the Law: loving man, and for God, He's filled with awe
Our Adam heart, is fallen and ruined/ behold the 2nd Adam—the Ultimate Human!
Because in the garden, He'd cling to Abba/ a bleeding heart of love He brings His Father
Because a Whole Burnt Offering is proper/ but for Him—The Cross is His Altar
Full submissive trust was His posture/ trusting He'd be risen with kingly honor
Come drink—don't think it costs ya/ 'cause out of His Heart flows springs of Living Water!

Verse 2
The High Priestly Heart of Christ
Now let me demonstrate/ the High Priestly Heart of Christ from Exodus 28
It's pointing to the true anointed Jew/ who intercedes, so God ain't destroying you
We see the LORD give the charge to Aaron/ to engrave on his holy garments, wearing
The names of all of God's people so before the LORD, on his heart he'd bear them
Likewise in God's holy presence/ for those He chose and holds as precious
Christ always carries our names on His heart/ in permanent love—engraved with its mark
And He's appeased the Judge who's just/ and His heart beats with thumps of love for us
And since He lives without changing/ His Eternal Heart of Love IS our Salvation!

Verse 3
His Heart Bore our Sin and Experienced our Hell
With His Father, before the start of humans/ in eternal heart-to-heart communion
But for those who are hardened, ruined/ His Holy Heart would embark, pursue them
On the Cross eternal darkness looming/ because the Father's Infinite Dart was wounding
Way before the spear pierced sharply through Him
"WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!" He harkens to Him
But He'd depart from Him/ 'cause in the deepest part within/ Infinite Grief to pardon sin
A real shocking thing/ His very Soul became a Guilt Offering
Lord, in the very center of Your Person/ in the central part of Your Being
You bore all my sin and perversion/ wore it on Your Heart when You're bleeding!
Because in Your Inner-Self, You felt the curse/ the equivalence of Your Hell deserved
Behold, Your Vast Soul/ in reality swallowed up all our sin like a black hole!
Eternal Separation for the lost/ for the perfect restoration of the lost
Your Resurrection—just resuscitation? NO! Your Resurrection IS our RESTORATION!

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