Bondservants by Timothy Brindle

Song Lyrics

by Timothy Brindle

Album: The Great Awakening

Verse 1:(timothy)
We're declared Justified
Christ must have died
For our lust and pride so we could clutch the prize
Disgusting guys thrust His side
With a customized, busted, rusty knife
He was a victim of mockery afflicted, socked and whipped
(He) fulfilled Scriptures' prophecy
He sat in the penalty box for me
He steadily watches the enemy cautiously
Instead of Him telling me "cop a plea"
He settled the cost, my felony's dropped- I'm free!
So hug the Highness for His loving kindness
Because of the Cross, now our crud's behind us
They punished Him first, He was led to slaughter
I hunger and thirst for His bread and water
You and I are hyped to be crucified with Christ
Who resides inside us, shining a truly guiding light!
Chapter 35 of Isaiah told me this
The Messiah is the "Highway of Holiness"
He dissolved and He cleaned my grossly and rotten tongue
It's for all who believe- The Only Begotten Son
but you wrap your ears so you don't have to hear
But you cats will fear when He cracks the atmosphere
I pray to the God of Abraham
That He could use this blazing jam to maybe save a man

We're Bondservants of Christ
For God's purpose in Life
To Spread the Gospel
This squad worships with mics
Jesus Saves- we've seen His ways
If you've been redeemed, then Scream this Praise

Verse 2:(shai linne)
I'd rather be a janitor in God's house than a prince on this earth
The more I think on Christ, the more that I'm convinced of His worth
Ever since the New Birth things haven't been quite the same
Holy Spirit, please light the flame
Feed the starved and parched Your Word carved in parts
As I aim these sharpened darts at hardened hearts
With pinpoint accuracy
Unfathomably, God became a man and took the wrath that was actually for me!
But He stood in my place
I'm immaculate and free because He took my disgrace
Lyrical kids who storm tracks- I was once on that
But now I strictly form raps to warn cats
About the coming wrath of the Holy One
Run in the path of His Only Son
Or get cut in half by the smoking gun
That's aimed at your soul
Behold, the Main Factor
Jehovah- fame snatcher
Potentate, Master
Of Sacred data that's making Satan madder
God-haters splatter under the weight of Jacob's ladder
Because sin's cost is incomprehensible
When caught in the jaws of the Invincible
Boss and Principal whose Laws are sensible
By contrast, our ways are insane
The Cross is the pinnacle
While time lasts, we're making it plain


Verse 3: (shai linne)
God is closer than He appears
like the objects in a side-view mirror
I'm hear to provide you clearer
Insight as I write in a candle-lit room
Of how Christ took flight and abandoned the tomb
It's bad to assume you understand- imagine your gloom
When you see the Son of Man in His majesty suit
His control is absolute He lets the twilight shine
And His Holy attributes stretch the finite mind
He shines above with His Godly essence
Divine Love and Omnipresence
Infinitely Just, which means danger for the lost
Intimate with us 'cause Jesus took His anger on the cross

So let's begin the feast with the Prince of Peace
In the Kingdom we can sing him hymns with beats
His Name is matchless
He gave us tactics
To proclaim Him like that famous baptist
His throne stands the strongest
He owns the promised land
He's so grand and honest
He broke hands from bondage
I hope man's acknowledged what the chosen Lamb accomplished
So let's serve in His likeness
I fervently write this
God put on armpits and lived perfectly righteous
There's a tabernacle in my Adam's apple
Jesus won the war, so we don't have to battle

We're Bondservants of Christ (Gal. 1:10)
For God's purpose in Life
The lost search for the light
This squad worships with mics
Jesus Saves- we've seen His ways
If you've been redeemed, then Scream this Praise!

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Timothy, my little brother, From one bond servant to another, I so enjoyed your poem. I will be sending it to a sister, in Eloheinu, who writes poetry. I know that she will appreciate, as I have, this poem that you composed for the Most High El (God in Hebrew) My last name is Bond, so I have become a "Bond Servant for His Majesty's Sacred Service". Be encouraged and continue. Let us take every opportunity to have have our tongs be like the pen of a ready writer. Read Psalm 45. It is a beautiful recognition and recitation to the King, Melech Yeshua. (King Jesus) Keep up the good for our Coming King. Adoringly in Him J. Bond - Jan 2013

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