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by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

(Man talking)
Aye man, look man
I'm glad you still goin to church & everything,
That's good dawg, but listen
I cant give up what I do, you got that
I like my money, I like my car,
I like gettin' high, I like the girls,
I like the drinkin'
If you dont like it, you aint got to
I dont know how you do what you do
You talk to some invisible man that...
Naw, you talkin' about I'm trippin'
Naw, you trippin'
Least my people aint invisible,
You crazy

They say I'm crazy, but I aint crazy
Say what you want, but that dont phase me
I'm walking with God now, cause his son saved me
Jesus Christ, they all claimin' I'm crazy
What I been on lately, is walkin' by faith and,
Turnin' away, but they tryna persuade me
But that dont phase me, cause I aint crazy
I aint crazy, naw I aint crazy

(Rap 1 - Chris T)
They say I'm crazy/ but that dont phase me/
I been called foolish/ I been called shady/
I went from a grown man/ down to a baby/
Like Benjamin Button/ they all look at me crazy/
He made me a new man/ and gave me a new plan/
Equipped with a purpose /its not a for a purchase/
But yet I was purchased/ and his blood was a exchange/ I ex-this & ex-that/he sponsored my x-games/ This may seem extreme/ I maybe a bit strange/ They callin' me stranger/but I dont blame them/ I'm more like an alien/ a stranger to earth, see/ My home's in the heavenly/ so for now I'm an earthling/ They wonder why I aint still hittin' the club up/ You doin' too much Chris/ but really it's not enough/ Cause God wants more than just my presence on Sunday/ He wants it on weekdays/ and right back to Sunday/ It never ends


(Rap 2 - Stevie G)
Yo, they be like you aint tryna smoke/ you use to back then/ Use to chill with ya boys/ now I have to tell my friend/ And I be on some naw/ I feel you but I'm sayin'/ I know I look the same/ But I been changed from within/ And they be on some, Naw dawg, Naw/ And really try to hear me/ when I know that truth is in me/ And I'm speakin' pretty clearly/(Wait)Maybe kind of silly/ Cause the foolish mind is merely/ blinded by satan's assignment to damage us all severely/ (Really, really, really) Yeah, no goof true/ The truth is comin' out my mouth like a loose tooth/ I'm not Madea with screws loose/ Is not ashamed of the gospel/ nor am I shy like channel 2 news/ So call me crazy cause I rather stay abstinent/ until I meet my wife/ For Jesus Christ the boy's passionate/ the world is sinful/ and I am not gona bask in it/ Call me what you want/ but I call that Jesus of Nazareth

(Man talking)
Aye man, that's cool for you love him
But I'm not doin' it dawg
I like Grey Goose, I like watchin' the videos
And I like that they dont have on no clothes
I like my life, I like my money,I like my shawtie
Go head man, yall got that thing man
That's crazy


(Rap 3 - Chris T)
They give the crazy eye/ like I'm loco/ I'm like s-m-h/ cause they just dont know/ I've been through some rough times/ to get where I'm at now/ They intimidate me/ but I'm not gona back down/ I'm with him for life mow/ it's more like a lifestyle/ I was lost at sea/ but he was my lighthouse/ He led me to dry land/ and now I'm so sure/ That loosin' my life for him/ is worth so much more/ I love it

(Rap 4 - Stevie G)
Let me switch up the perspective(?)/ the elastic to his objective/ live a life for godliness/ pray and be affective/ Search for the truth like detectives/ Message/ Lift Christ up/ He draw them all/ Sketchin'/ (Haha) And it's a blessing to be saved/ in a land of temptation I behave/ Yet it's not by my power nor by my might/ but it's the Christ within me/ The light that have you lookin' like/ He crazy

They say I'm crazy, They say I'm crazy
But I aint crazy, I aint crazy

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