See It How I See It by Level 3:16

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Level 3:16 - Deluxe by Level 3:16

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See It How I See It
by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

Because your sinful nature
Baggin' chicks & chasin' paper
Keepin' yourself in a chamber
You just really need a savior
Jesus Christ can save you
If you let his spirit grace you
Set you free & give you favor
It's a gift no need to labor
Wildin' out in anger
Friends that keepin' you in danger
Smokin' weed & cockin' bangers
Is a waste, they can enslave you
Jesus Christ our maker
Made a way for your escape
So let him in & he can aid you through it
Now like its no later

(Rap 1 - Stevie G)
Let me talk to them
See the reason I write this letter/Cause I'm fed up/And I'm hopin' that you see better/This smokin',movin',coke& shoes & clothin' chasin' chedder/ Distractions/Lustin'/Temptation/Never let up/Beefin'/Pressure/He put pieces together/Yo I'm here to help you/I experienced it myself too/I'm serious/And I felt moved/And the theory is to be a vessel/For Jesus, the Christ/Speak a little word in your life(?)/You can be made new/A teenaged dude/........(?/Perfect timin'/Your mind aint gotta be blinded/I aint rhymin' to be shinin'/I'm grindin'so he can sign me in/The kingdom/What's good?/Tell me homeboy/What you tryna do?/You aint gotta be a common dude/Satisfied with the streets/And let them keep lying to you(?)/You gotta purpose/And it's worth it/To give God a try/Cause he's perfect/He break curses/And I'm not a liar/God I got to try to bring you worship/Cause I'm hurtin'/My friends dont see how you can set them free & open up the curtin/It's your policy/To put the death/The midst seas of the flesh/At rest of God's sovereignty(?)


(Rap 2 - Chris T)
Let's go/Yo, look/I been there/Then I done that/If not then I know I been around that/I been around cats/With gats in their backpacks/When they go to school/Need to watch that/That's not cool/And that's not you/What you gona do when they pop you/And then it pop you/.....when you end up on the 5 o'clock news/Think about your family/Relationships you damagin'/Hangin' in the streets all night/Gettin' high/Startin' fights/Man I really cant stand to see/You loosin' out on your potential/We make it hard but it's simple/From Brooklyn/All the way to Crenshaw/Downtown/Truth is everybody's sinful/Nature, is a issue/Like a magazine we flip through/All the vanity/Profanity/The sex & lies/It's down right insanity/What's goin' on, humanity/I think it's 'bout time for a plan B/Cause we're messed up/And guess what?/Sin's blinded you/And you cant see/Clearly, do you hear me?/Do you follow me?/Do you feel me?/This lifestyle that your livin'/Is contrary to the risen/And the reason that I'm sayin' this/Is so you dont get to complacent/And go backwards/Cause afterwards/You might find yourself in the basement


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