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Level 3:16 - Deluxe by Level 3:16

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The Return
by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

Uhh lights on fast lane. 750 night train
Heading through the city streets rolling like a dice game
Life's good better yet life's great my life
Live it up high life, hit the club night life
Sip your cups this is the
Year you have been waiting for
New Year's resolution same pledge year before
Something's never change open heart relationships
Broken by deceitful lust
What now, who to trust
Oh well sex sells get rich or die trying
Stop lying to yourself, life is short
Hop aboard take a trip
This is it make the change with the script
Christ is coming back ya'll all up in your backyard
Let the right you decide Christ died for you and I
Seed wise what we need faith like a mustard seed
Put your trust in Jesus, he's the one who leads us
Down this narrow path that heaven let them set you free

What you going to do, sinced you lived your life
What you got to choose this can be your night
What I got to say, to help you see the light
You waited long enough, He can get you right

The walls are closing in everything is tight
Drowning in your sin lost your will to fight
Is time for a change take my advice
We want you ready for the return of Christ

Verse 2:

Marcus my heart is with you since I'm an artist
I carved this message within you hope it's on target
God gives rest to the one who have it the hardest
Blow a new breath in you like an old Genesis cartridge
Jay Jones Kay Gee don I'm remarking
We all have expiration dates like milk in a carton
Jesus the word I'm driving to your ear parking
Fully loaded all paid for good bargain
And I hope you take that deal
Accept his will
Be saved through faith
His grace is real
We make mistakes so kneel and pray let your relation build
So at his return you can have the creator's seal
The second coming, no running, now make it plain
Make a choice heaven or the lake of flames?
Your time is running out. Do you believe in Jesus name?
You need a change here is your chance
Be the...


Salvation is yours, you'll make the choice, don't hesitate, Listen to his voice (come & walk in the light)
Salvation is yours, you'll make the choice, don't hesitate, Listen to his voice(come in walk in the light)
Please believe

Just imagine you can be shooting hoops with the crew
Grabbing a bite to eat or wrapping it up with your boo
Just imagine you at school up in class acting a fool
You hear a sound, you look around everybody gone but you
Walked out the classroom outside mouth wide open
This is it(this is it) wondering if it's him
Then Jesus appeares, your heart is pumping with fear
Your life flashes before you, the end of the world is……

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