Let's Go by Flame

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Rewind by Flame

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Let's Go
by Flame

Album: Rewind

Man our sin is disgusting to God
He looks and hates our lust and our pride
We're corrupted inside
The road to destruction is wide
Trust me I know
I held yay while clutching a 4
In a rush just to blow
I just hustle and flow
So I know the street life's attractive
Know the price of your tactics
Cause Christ comin' back and there won't be know lights camera action
The fact is your going in circles like backspins
From sin you're trapped in you don't see it's ugly like cracked skin
My passion's
You see the pain of His lashes
And get with the Rock more solid than Dame Dash is
For Christ we're mashing
Life's everlasting
Picked up our cross and we carry it on our backs then
So just consider us witnesses of the truth
Presenting the gospel message we're spittin' in the booth
So if you really want your stressin' relieved
Have faith like George Michael man confess and believe

Lend us yo' ear yo' this situations like do or die
Hush, shut-up, callete, say "no se" no way you know I
Gots 2 Go Get 'Em I sick 'em with my mouth open wide
From the front to the back from side to side we gon' evangelize
We tellin' stories 'bout the Truth therefore this ain't no lie
We so fresh so clean we purified ain't no compromise
Whether you like it or not
We on yo' block on ya block
We in yo' hood in ya hood
Even if yo' block is hot
WHOAAAH! UH OH! They gettin' frust-er-ated
I don't think they get it let's bring it to 'em like them Laymen state it
Confess, Repent, Believe J-E-S-U-S can't be faded
Get to hell don't see us heaven was ya home now ya homeless man you ain't make it
Now you wanna come back and tell us, I prayed you woulda felt us
Radio wouldn't play us TV wouldn't show us and them record stores wouldn't sell us
They hated every time we mentioned
They ain't want you to listen
Church Boys Church Girls let's mount up now what 'omie let's Go Get 'Em

These cats like Samuel L.
Jackson they actin' swell
Jesus is comin' back and your access granted can fail
These bodies are but a shell
My buddies that body build
These bodies return to the dust that's why the body builds
Mean the body of Christ who know that the Lord's real
Our hearts spill like Paul's did at Mars Hill
At Areopagus
Dirty it's very obvious your life is opposite let Him transform you like Optimist Prime
Sometimes I feel like I'm talkin' to walls
When you resist like when walkin' a dog when I'm barkin' at ya'll
Men are drownin' in sin and we need a lifeguard
Life's hard
Christ saw what you do with the light's off
Your in danger like red dots on your chest
And God's wrath you can't block with a vest
So you should stop and confess
Your sin you need a lawyer now your court cases
Ain't got nothin' on God's judgment before grace is
Given homie

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