Can't Hold Back by Freedom Of Soul

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Can't Hold Back
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Caught In A Land Of Time

United we stand, divided we fall; so we came together forever,
No matter what the temp, we won't surrender,
Or bend the rules, or compromise our values,
So extra, extra, extra, here's the news,
The King's, the Idol's in town, and tearing the devils' kingdom down,
And this is the ways, 'cause it pays to praise in these days,
This support, a little conduct,
So, I instruct what God has shown me,
So, get up,
For the time has come for the church to revise,
Uprise, realise, or recognise the one that has made us, saved us and graced us, hasn't erased us, but has placed us in the lambs' book before he died,
That's what he took to cleanse from sin and begin with a new look,
So I bear witness about this
Practice what I preach 'cause I'm in this,
The whole nine yards might seem hard to you,
But if God be for you, who can be against you?
'Cause greater is he that is in me than he is in the world, knew him not,
So my styles suffer persecution, without me being restitution,
Bearing my cross like the boss that I'm following after,
Waiting for the rapture, to caught up with the saints of old,
'Cause I don't think so,
The message that I'm send, sending,
Lend an ear in here,
I know God died on the cross,
Yo, and it's a fact, that's why I cant hold back.

Every time I approach the microphone the devil gets madder,
Shaking in fear of a licking, his demons scatter,
How about that, ah,
'Cause there ain't nothing more dangerous than a D, O, G, that knows who he is in Jesus,
A sactisoul, a soldier, a believer,
A light, elected, chosen to call,
The deceiver respects it, and fools us all,
Son of a slanderous, proud and deceitful,
Cowardly wicked, but yes, he's restricted,
His goose was cooked and his power was took by the J, the E, the S, U, S, and when he died on Calvary,
So now that we know fact from fiction, I thank God for.
See all such descriptions to give you the picture 'cause I'm tired of Christians living like prisoners.

Idol King down with Freedom Of Soul,
Evangelising Gods' word and standing bold,
Damage in a second,
Exposing the pack 'cause they know they have to reckon with me, Lord Byron,
Holy Ghost siren, militant tyrant,
I praise a ???
Any way that suits you,
When I open my mouth and sing hallelujah the Spirit grips your neck like a chokehold, strangling the very root of the devils' soul,
In your mind; thoughts discombobulated, stopped up, can't move, constipated,
But get ready for your spiritual enema, cleansing you from the sin that dwells within you,
So that you can clearly get right, or get left,
Or accept God as your best bet, my brother,
You will discover that Jesus Christ really, really, really loves you,
Ah, yes, yes, y'all,
Ah, to the beat, y'all,
The Holy Ghost is falling on me, y'all,
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I feel good today,
'Cause I got the power, Holy Ghost power,
Hour after hour, the devil have to bow, ah,
Him and his inner step back from the Apostolic Mac, Jack,
Because homie don't play that,
Idol King, proud to be black,
Lord Byron, the chosen one, and DJ Cut No Slack is down with MC Peace, Cartoon and S.F.C.

That's why we can't hold back,
'Cause we feel the Spirit,
No, I'm not gonna hold back,
'Cause I feel this thing.

Yeah, I told you my boys was raw,
Slack, Cartoon, slay them demons.

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