The Ride by Freedom Of Soul

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The Ride
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Rap - A Brainstorm Companion

Yo, as the world turns, these are the days of our lives,
And it's no surprise that, in order to survive another day, you need a ride,
Need to glide, so you pop a needle inside and everything is alright.
Night 'til noon, straight consumed,
Sucked up with the beef, chief,
I can recall, since I was four this is all you ever did,
This is how you lived,
Didn't give a bit of care how we had to fare,
The fact that my brother's jacked up,
Need to get smacked upside his head,
Dead? Not yet,
But that won't even make him stop,
Cops on the trail,
Still this will fail,
Hell lookin', steady crookin', and book it,
Year 37, you learn your lesson yet? Obviously not,
Got my mamma cryin', got pops denying ya,
Stone cold, messed up, dressed up,
With demons scheming ya, and you don't even know it,
Are ya gonna ever outgrow it?
Are you gonna swallow your pride, or are ya gonna continue to ride?

Home, you're roaming the church home, number one,
Accept the son, and what he's done for ya,
And it's fun for ya, but for how long?
Singing songs in the choir, swearing he's on fire,
Become a leader and an overseer,
Now you're ready to retire back to the casa,
I be bumping ???
Now you say, "Get that stuff the heck outta here,"
I want respect, I turn if off without a mere sound out my mouth,
I'm just waiting on the route,
Six months, and now you got a girl, no doubt,
She be rocking your world, but make me wanna hurl,
'Cause I see it coming; hugging and loving leads to bugging and back to drugging,
Tugging in a war you know you can't win,
1, 2, oh, you're close to getting pinned,
Cold, cold beware that ho you're fighting with,
He's a macho man with the Van Damme pics, but your still getting licked by tricks, schemed,
You say you've been redeemed, no,
How 'bout we thumb back to the slum,
Lifestyles of the running grapple,
Settling for the least,
The Peace, we gotcha,
Try to stop ya, 'bout to get popped,
Yo G, how ya B, E, living that roller coaster,
Lifestyle called the ride.

Yo, the countdown is on once again,
I place my pen on the pad, when your pad is the pen,
How long 'til then, the day of release?
The day you'll cease for the increase of negative living,
??? I'm hoping that you're listens to my enticing mic right hook,
Look, the love I have, it never changes, even if you're hearing danger tones from my dome,
Anger, hurt, sorrow, ???
Feelings the dealings dealt of G, I, L, O, V, E,
You still brother, man,
I know you can't see past the oppressions pressed on your chest,
Best believe your back is got,
As long as your shot is positive, I'll give the shirt off my back if you lack,
If you want the crack I gotta give a smack,
But I know you need to hear this, that's why I gave you this track,
Back up, be star, fresh C, C,
J, C, E, N, D of the ride.

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