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Serious Lyrics
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Caught In A Land Of Time

I'm rocking in 1991, having much fun,
And it's time to get serious,
So hear this, or these, serious lyrics full of rhyme, spirit and soul,
Worth more to me than gold, or anything you offer to me, 'cause spiritually these lyrics were made by G, O, D,
I'm coming nonstop with four minutes of poetry,
You know it's me getting busy for J, C,
I come to spread truth, give you proof and put it to use to make the devil go, "Poof"
But let me start, I'm not delaying no more,
I'll just rhyme 'til my tongue gets sore,
Genesis, God created the universe and the earth,
And day and night, and everything was alright,
He made man and took one rib to form a woman, yeah that's what he did,
He did all this and called it his creation,
Then sucker satan came with temptation,
Adam and eve had it with ease, but did not do their deed, so they got seized,
Like us, when we get tempted we attempt to do things to feel content,
But we need to stop, we need to chill on the drug and sex scene, which I think is ill,
Like the other day I turned on my TV, and it was One Life To Live had begun,
So I sat down, reclined, thought I'd check it out,
No sooner than that, man they was buggin out,
In bed was a man with a beautiful lady, talking about, "Don't tell my wife, she'll go crazy,"
She told him not to worry, or hurry 'cause everything will be merry,
Yo, I don't understand these show today, man,
That goes to show you they don't care what we see or say,
'Cause it's all the same, it's all a game to them,
Now who's gonna take all the blame?
Yo, I know if God had a show called One Life To Live it'll be about his,
So it must be the devil doing all this mess, and he's having such a successful time with this temptation running the nation,
Yo, check out this illustration,
I went to New York in November, '89 to check out family and some friends of mine,
My boy, Mike, and me were coming from Park Chester, then he gave the cab driver a quick gesture,
Pull over at the store 24, I gotta get change and a coupla more thing he needed, so the cab pulls over,
He goes in the store, I stay sitting by the door,
Man, it was cold, about 30 degrees,
It was cold enough just to have my knees shaking up and down, and from side to side,
All of a sudden I take a look outside,
I saw three little kids in t-shirts and pants, on the corner of the streets,
On their knees and hands looking for rocks, no not the ones in dirt,
Man, were crack rocks, the ones that really hurt,
My boy comes back inside the cab and says, "Cool, you can take off",
And looks in my eyes, he says, "What's wrong, are you OK Rene?"
As the cab drives out the stores' driveway I say, "Yeah, I'm cool, but this world is dying, that's the reason why I really feel like crying",
He said, "Word, my brother", as the cab pulls over and ??? in front of a blue Nova,
6.50 with tip was the tab for the cab ride,
He paid for a job well made,
As I walked towards the building I looked to the sky, have a talk with God, and give a deep sign,
I said, "Lord, I know you love me, and I love you too, so help me spread the message of finding you",
And that's the reason why I'm coming through your speaker,
Not only as a poet, but also as a preacher,
Teacher, I'll greet ya, and feed ya to make sure that the devil won't beat ya,
So, take heed to my serious lyrics,
And not only have peace, but be filled with the Spirit.

Yeah, word up,
1991, MC Peace,
The Freedom Of Soul,

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