Sooner or Later by Freedom Of Soul

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The 2nd Comin' by Freedom of Soul

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Sooner or Later
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: The 2nd Comin'

Sooner or later, meet the creator,
I've got the data, I'm the educator,
A mediator, even a arbitrator,
To rap the fade, make the volume greater,
Don't make me wait another minute, win it,
We won when he said, "It's done,"
Don't try to run, 'cause in the outcome you'll be the lonesome one,
Fun? - Not,
Hot? - Very, very,
Mercy, it wish thee on you, Missy,
Mister, I hope you listen to me,
Sin: in awe of us,
Like a virus, but I got the cure - his name's Jesus,
Just trust, rush,
No, I can't hush or slow down when I rhyme nouns in any town,
The sound waves pounds, clowning devils,
Bass and treble rebels...but much cause,
Pause, catch your breath,
D, E, F, G, come see me,
When I arrive, whether I drive, train, bus ride, fly airline,
Nighttime, daybreak, gonna box lots,
Little crowds that are middle, money matters,
If you can't have us, just try to gather up just what you can,
Hand in hand, we possess the land,
Save the man, that's the plan - Daniel 9,
1994, coming back for more, score,
Whether it's heat or it pours - tours,
We do tours from New York to Seattle seas shores,
Like Lou Rawles, you'll never find a love like mine,
Quit searching for that person, I got him,
If you want him, move real soon,
There he be - See?
Y-O S-U-P G-R-A-B T-H-E M-I-C A-N-D R-I-P, (rough)
Rugged ripping, brothers tripping off of the track, off of the rap,
I made that - it's fat, so give up the soul clap if you're down with real rap,
If not, you can walk back through the door that you came through,
Freedom of Soul - that's the name of this crew,
Cartoon - that's the brother on the 1 & 2,
We bring to you that C-Mode Fizzunk that's made for the trizzunk,
Loud, proud - I am, really though,
Don't be silly, bro,
I know you ain't heard a flow like this before,
If you say you did, you're just lying, trying to get some recognition,
An emcee fishing for a flow,
Frankly, I'm fascinated that you found the Freedom of Soul sound fresh enough to take around town and play it for your homeboys - that's cool, whatever,
It's all about the Creator, baby - who you're gonna meet sooner or later,
Yes, it's me, the T-B-O-N-E, telling you about a man who can change your life, rearrange the things that you do, like puffing on a bud, sipping on a brew,
New is what he can do for you too, bro,
The Freedom of Soul....of everything I say,
So, brothers and sisters, are you ready for the judgment day?
If not, you better get prepared,
Scared is what you'll be, but me? - I'll be gone in the R-A-P-T-U-R-E, maybe before the end of this ballistic,
As I'm hopping.... Man, I got tongue twisted,
Hold up a minute, maybe I can sing it,
"This is love" - nah, forget it,
I can't dance and I can't sing, but I can guarantee life everlasting,
So sooner or later, wait a minute, let me finish this four minute flow,
Oh, my God, toe to toe, fist to fist,
Don't you wish you had this? - Well, sooner the better,
Don't you forget, a simple prayer is all you say,
Make your day, it's okay,
A ray of sunshine you will find,
Come out your shell, get up if you fell, go on and tell,
You're saved from Hell,
Well, 1, 2, 3, 3 to 2, 1,
My man, Cartoon, I'm the peaceful one,
Run, don't walk,
Shout, don't talk,
Pitch, don't balk,
Rhyme, don't chalk or two,
You ought to surrender, pretender, to the mender of hearts,
Don't be sorry, Charlie,
See, every knee shall B-O-W now or later,
Don't be afraid of this, just take it, don't fake it,
For goodness sake - it's free,
Peace 586 I be,
I say to thee: do it sooner, or do it...


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