Dusk Till Dawn by Freedom Of Soul

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Dusk Till Dawn
by Freedom Of Soul

From the dusk,
From the dusk,
From the dusk,
Ah, yes, yes, (y'all)
To the beat, (y'all)
Freak, freak, (y'all)
And you don't stop.

Ooh, this fool is tripping.

The presses,
Guess who's back, is the fact,
Fly brother, lover of all,
Call me ???
The peaceful one, the soul swinger,
I check you lingering in the back,
What's in the track?
Fact is my rhymes don't cease,
Peace ain't done,
'94 ima score,
Ima core lyrics like water,
Sortin' 'em devils like a sergeant,
I ranks high,
The shy was banks thanks,
Beat a guard, Ali,
Brothers been swearing we fell,
Hell, better tell your local pastor we're swinging faster than Benny Hinn,
Blowing on your chin,
Brown skin Puerto Rican speaking in that rhyming tongue,
Young ones bob your heads,
Twisted dreads as I rock the rhyme I wrote with lead, yeah,
I'm a lead, I'm the leader of the crew, don't you know?
Without question,
Park yourself and listen to the joint,
Exclamation point is: we can rock all day, all doggone night,
We got sight 'cause we got a vision,
We got a mission,
Listen, we're soldiers from the dusk,
And if is some, I switch to this,
We take our biz to dawn and rock on.

Rock on and on, (from dusk 'til dawn)
Rock on and on, (from dusk until dawn)
Rock on and on, (from dusk to dawn)
Rock on, we gotta rock on.

Seven years ago a friend of mine hit me up and asked me if I knew the time,
And I just stepped back, I was about to say,
My boy asked up strong, I said, "Yo, get outta me way",
I don't play no game, so don't call me Sega,
Yeah, I sing, but I'm not related to Suzie Vega,
I gave her ???
In some stores we got banned, straight pulled off the shelves,
Shorter than enough, but it's time to go,
Don't you know I been fed,
Bought it on my head,
And I got the Son that bled,
I'm covered, in the army,
Upon me is the soul,
You're gonna need fifty bowls of Wheaties to get with these rhymes,
'Cause I'm in my prime, and I'm going for mine like Diamond D,
The Freedom be some soulful cats,
No bull-crap, but holy cow, what's the haps?
I be a Puerto Rican, so I never catch naps,
Even Captain Hook gots to give 'em hand claps,
When the pen hits the paper, man, he run for the covers,
'Cause he's from the other crews,
From the dusk, said, we gots to rock on.

We rock on, (from dusk 'til dawn)
We rock on, (yeah, from dusk to dawn)
We rock on and on, (from dusk to dawn)
We rock on, (from dusk to dawn)
We rock on, (from dusk ┬┤til dawn)
We rock on, (from dusk to dawn)
We rock on and on 'til the break of dawn.

I said it when I came through the door,
I be rocking all night, 'til the day,
Strictly for the ministry, and not for the pay,
Kicking it with Ray Bans in the light, but in the night I cruise,
I pay dues, so I use experience,
Not for past tense but for the future 'cause I got it,
At least that's the way the Word say,
I pray, I fast,
I say since way back, rhymes stacked high,
Substitute the fact I don't like, I wonder why,
My rhymes get 'em hyped,
Heights were grabbed only when we smash,
Crash the studios if I have to,
I loves hip-hop,
I love the whop, and I won't stop,
Purity, dropping mad flavour,
Last in forever 'cause we're saved,
We got no mad behaviour,
I shave my head bald because I'm gaul,
Know the Holy Ghost,
Well, I don't need to boast,
Like toast, slightly brown,
The underground sound that I found,
The music be my life, and my life be sounding good,
If you don't understand I wish you could,
You wish upon a star, real far,
A diamond rolled corona del mar,
They bring a chocolate, so sucks,
We rock on yeah,
We rock on baby.

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