This Is Love by Freedom Of Soul

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This Is Love
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Caught In A Land Of Time

The Freedom Of Soul would like to express their definition of love.

This is a track where I like to express all the love that I have progressed,
Over the years I have compressed a deep feeling which I must address,
To you who are listening to this tune, from the poor to the big tycoon,
All colours, all creeds and race,
If you like rock, jazz or bass,
No matter who you are, or I am,
If your name's Abraham or Adam,
No matter what kinda clothes you wear,
The point I'm trying to make clear is; let's start doing something positive,
Hug your brother, no matter how hot it is,
'Cause it's gonna get rough when push comes to shove,
I tell you boy...

This is love, yeah
This is love,
This is love,

Unity, to me, I think is the key, in order to win the race of sovereignty,
And yet we still are claiming all authority when we're not even all together thoroughly,
But we still have a chance to pull through,
'Cause there's someone who loves me and loves you,
He knows where you are, and where you're going,
And like a daisy he knows if your growing,
But if you're not, he'll pull you out of the garden, check your roots and find they were hardened,
Not enough food, not enough of the sun,
They rays of praise weighed more than a tonne,
What I'm trying to say is; we need to pray in order to grow and let our light show,
The peace'll be upon us,
Everlasting peace.

This is love, yeah
This is love,
This is love,
This is love.

Break down.

Freedom Of the Soul is the mane of our crew 'cause we're free to do what we want to,
But we chose to do in this fashion, not with hat, violence or sexual passion,
But we're doing it with love from above,
The kind of love that fits like a glove,
But you gotta put it on and see if it fits,
And when you do you'll see that it hits,
Yo, open up and let real love in,
Turn your face from a frown to a big grin,
Love your brother, help each other,
And you will see that...

This is love,
This is love,
This is love,
This is love,
(ad lib, fade)

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