Not This Record by Freedom Of Soul

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The 2nd Comin' by Freedom of Soul

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Not This Record
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: The 2nd Comin'

This song does not contain explicit lyrics.

Brainwashed kids going wild,
Brainwashed kids going wild,
Brainwashed kids going wild,
Brainwashed kids going wild.

Collaboration, inspiration, a meditation of God,
Ollie, I been finding brothers climbing up rootless trees,
Please help out your rhyme degrease, don't matter what degrees, (right)
I see emcees roaming tight,
For the kingdom, we glean them - listen what we bring,
Send the topic you toss in,
Abortion upholding,
Exposing secret anti-septive, corrosive schemes,
Blow it up like an explosive,
Excuse me, don't confuse me with your hour,
One half leaked, the other half sucker emcee,
Hey-ho, hey, (what)
Hey, I say what I say, what I play in this way,
Oh Lord, I roll with the punch and the stunts, and the bumps, and the pumps,
Get out of here, chumps,
So many lumps for your tea, 'cause they're not helping me, they're not guiding he,
For no more, press pause,
And gauze 'cause you're lost, boys,
Toss me the M. I. C., now I do a parlour whack,
Rack off and bring off a song with the micro-stimulation through the central nervous system,
They're wasting their BP's - don't miss them.

Twelve girls in my bed, (not this record)
Rocking... with lead, (not this record)
Little do they know, (not this record)
I got twelve. (oh yeah) (not this record)

Yo, yo, steady bucket with the slapping noise,
Yo, yo, you're whack, whack this flow,
Necks at the back - crack, crack, crack, crack,
A film festival - wish them well, 'cause they're rousing,
Got boobs and booties,
Their duty's grab a cutie, and smoothies,
Nah, Big Dope Pete to a pump,
Rumplestiltman, can you please cut these?
Axe what you need and read to cut their sabre,
Hey, man, I was sick too,
Me and my crew, we used to do the do,
Now, every once in a while, I'll get ill,
Not meaning physically, needing to pop a pill in my unwell cavity to ease the pain,
But the kind of illness going on through my brain,
Boss got the sauce and Freedom got the noodle,
I appreciate the mic and the opportunity to be on the platform with the fab ones,
'Cause your track comes, greasing up your mentality,
Where be my people? - My people be free,
Dumb, we'll eat them, peas jumpy,
And soda the rotas - whoops the writers,
We've got the touch like Midas,
We might just sell out, all getting out of here,
Not on this record, just check it.

(not this record)
(not this record)
(not this record)
(not this record)

(not this record)

Trans-force intro,
Call it elementro - what's up?
Our rhyme vocabularies can be very unique,
Styles and styles for miles and miles,
I turn from whack, silly sperm that creates, eliminates fresh,
I learn from whack, silly sperm, and remake and retake crest,
Yeah, taking it back,
Give me the microphone and, like a pistol, I attack this,
I got my mind made up, come on,
You can get it, dread it, pick it,
Throw me bone, it don't matter,
The platter still will spin, with cheese being center, in the middle,
The money's not the homie,
The only homies show me they know me,
Spread the truth, hip-hop, kick-drop,
Last drops is good, could you be?
Please take me to the ending of verse three,
I done dig that skill on verse one, did you, John?
Yes, to be the passing emcee contest - easy,
Dedicate your lives, truth here to cap lie,
Yo, we called this, Not...

(not this record)
(not this record)
(not this record)
(not this record)

(not this record)

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