The 2nd Comin' by Freedom Of Soul

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The 2nd Comin' by Freedom of Soul

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The 2nd Comin'
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: The 2nd Comin'

You ready?
So let's begin the rumble,
I hope you don't stumble over these things I'm about to bring like a bumblebee,
Shut up, I heard you mumble, see,
Talking about how we fell off, how we once were found and now we're lost...and now it's costing you a bit,
Bite if you like, 'cause I'm-a continue to write,
Left, I really hope you don't get,
Watch me set it off like Cain was able,
The table set for your last supper, now here's your cuppa,
Wine and you cry, complain about to proclaim funky freedom singers,
This is why we're bring you the dose, the second coming,
I see you strumming to the groove, while I'm breaking heads, showing,
Prove this to me - I bet you can't,
They say we're in it for the money,
Hon, hesitate, that's what we want, flaunt,
They say we claim favour when it's on TV - I don't see me,
But it's okay, yo, 'cause I'm gonna live forever, and that's word,
Born into the early morning,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Don't look too far, 'cause in a blink you didn't think,
Here we are, the second coming.

Yo, we're back like black stripe-shell toes, fat laces,
Rocking all races at shows,
Afros, dreads, bald heads, kids cause nights,
You know I like the sport when I rhyme,
I lime to the lemonade is what I'm bringing to the blues,
Singing right-wing and clinging on like static I hope you don't got,
Don't panic - not me, I'm ready for the return burn,
Baby, burn this hip-hop inferno through stereo,
Did you hear the thunder?
Did it make you wonder what day?
I say, say, say like Mike and Paul...
About now or later,
Don't be afraid of this here pitch, don't miss the...
Are you down?
"How can I be down?" you ask - I never thought you would,
You repeat this after me B, "Forgive me now,"
I don't see how I lasted this long, make me a strong chord,
Now start living, grab hold of your mission,
Listen for guidance, apply this, abide by this, then you'll be living fatter that Mr. Drummond, and straight ready for the two.


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